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Just a short hello

I was out of town for a few days, and then when I returned, I immediately had a doctor's appointment and a couple of necessary errands.

I'm getting a quick post on here in the few minutes that I have just because I hate going more than two days of silence.

Not much to say or show except my most recent winning from Johnny's Trading Spot from a week or two back.

He connected pretty well with this one. Only the Quisenberry up top is a dupe and I had to check that one twice before determining I had it.

I love the Pacific Legends cards and all four of these were needs. I might have to do something about those corners, but it's not a priority. The priority is filling those Pacific Legends holes, for all the sets!!

These are interesting in that I have seen many Pro Cards minor league cards, some so often that I never want to see them again, but I have not seen these. Brand new. Love the green! This is from the 1990 Triple A All-Stars set. They are so attractive to me I could see trying to complete the whole set.

But all that's needed now for the Dodgers prospects is the Jose Offerman card.

OK, that's it, work is calling now. After today, the schedule should finally settle down for the next couple of weeks. Except for the Beckett article I need to finish soon.

Even though I haven't been posting the last few days, the idea machine is continuously running and I have a few things in the works. One thing you'll see for sure is I plan to post a series in which I count down all 660 1975 Topps cards from worst to best. I'll probably go 10 or 20 at a time, which means it probably will take me years -- you know, something I'll run so long that absolutely no one will care anymore.

So, look forward to that ... or not.

At least there are words here again.


Wow those Dukes cards are real beauties!
Could have sworn that Kelloggs was on your need list. Sorry about that, I'll send ya 54' Aaron RC to make up for it, just kidding...
Old Cards said…
Nice Pacific Legend cards. Looking forward to the 1975 posts. We care!
Bo said…
That Yost card has one of the best Yankee Stadium backgrounds I've seen.
Chris said…
I actually just picked up that Yost in a TCDB trade.

The contrast in colors from the Dukes uniform to the card borders is jarring.
Nick Vossbrink said…
Whoa. Haven't seen that ProCards design either. Always something new from the Junk era.
Fuji said…
Looking forward to the 75T countdown series. I'd have trouble creating a top 10 for such an awesome set. Seeing you rank the entire set sounds exciting.
Jon said…
I might've missed them on your wantlist (apologies if that's the case), but do you have a list of needs for the Pacific Legends sets?
Matt said…
Johnny sends out some great stuff, I just miss out most of the time commenting. I am not around the blogosphere like I used to be. My phone also has had issues in letting me comment on posts so I haven't bothered unless I am on my laptop which I haven't had time to be. Most of my free hobby time is actually working on my card projects and poking in at twitter.
night owl said…
@Jon ~

I don't have any Pacific Legends want lists on the blog (I should). I still need to mark my wants on TCDB too. So many projects!
Jason Presley said…
Those ProCards are from the 1989 Triple A All-Star Game set.
1984 Tigers said…
Kevin Kennedy, pre Texas Rangers days. I wondered where he cut his chops prior to the bigs. He finished with a 53.1 win percentage over 4 seasons, two with Texas two with red Sox but got fired both times before moving to espn

I remember having to pay something like 3 bucks in spring 1990 for his upper deck card to help finish my set. Had never even heard of him back then.

Those were definitely some nice minor league issues. Some from the 1980s were so lousy they were only good for starting a campfire.

Love the 75 set. Have a full NM minis and almost complete exmt nrmt regular. Last Al Kaline card too as a 3000 hits HL.

Adam Ryan said…
Those are some really cool cards from John! The Pacific Legends cards are definitely a favorite of mine too.
night owl said…
@Jason Presley ~

Not according to tcdb. The copyright on the back says 1990 as well.
AdamE said…
Your post title made me sing Just a Song Before I Go in my head.