Friday, February 16, 2018

I will never have every single one

I know my collection may be somewhat intimidating to fellow collectors looking to trade with me. I've been doing this online thing for a decade and collecting in general for years before that, and I've made hundreds of trades.

But I really don't have every card.

I may be misremembering but I don't recall a single card package that contained at least a dozen cards that didn't include at least one card that I needed.

There are always holes in my collection. If I ever get my want list fully complete you will see there are lots and lots of holes. Craters. It's practically a Grand Canyon of wants and needs.

But just to prove it to you, let's take a selection of Dodgers sent to me by Tom from The Angels In Order. He was very skeptical about the cards he sent:

Well, no, Tom, I didn't.

Sure, I already owned much of what was sent. But the joy in packages like this is unearthing the gems that I still needed -- most of which I had no idea were absent from my collection.

For as long as there are parallels:

And mini parallels:

And yet another Classic set that I didn't know existed:

And cards from the mid-to-late '90s:

And cards from the first five years of the 21st century:

And oddballs:

There will always be cards that I didn't already have.

And, of course, if you're going to send me Royals and Mets, then, yeah, those are definitely cards I didn't have.

Tom threw in a few other non-card items.

Tickets from a Dodgers-Diamondbacks game that maybe he didn't go to?

A big, honkin' decal for my monster Chevy truck that I don't have. I assume these are a way of life where Tom is from and they certainly are here. I often wonder how many of these trucks where I live actually haul stuff on the regular. I'm guessing maybe 30 percent. But at least they're blocking my view of traffic!

I also found a cool Kershaw poster from a package on the Dodgers ace in a recent Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine. This would have been taped on my bedroom wall when I was a youngster. I'm not sure what I will do with it now. I have so many items ready to be framed that I'm going to have to spend a small fortune in picture frames.

So that was a pretty good haul from someone who thought I'd have everything that was sent.

Have confidence in your card packages!

I have a lot of wants! I'm never satisfied! I'm needy!

I will never have it all.


  1. They're all SU stickers in these parts, and were running me off the road in Ithaca yesterday.

    I always have a stack of Dodgers, but never feel good about shipping it up your way. Usually I try and find one off the Nebulous 9 before committing.

  2. The comment was just a little tongue-in-cheek, but glad to see you needed some, and I don't know where the ticket stubs came from: I take much better care of mine, and I'd never pay those prices! I guess my Royal and Dodger Blue's got a little blurred there.

  3. I just pulled out my Starting Lineup Talking Baseball cards yesterday, so it's funny to see that Steve Sax at the top of the post!

  4. Those 2008 ticket stubs are great. Garvey ones are hard to find, and I've been trying.

  5. You're probably the only blogger I have a hard time creating a care package for, because I always figure you already have it. But wait. Are my eyes deceiving me? Have you actually listed your 1981 Fleer wantlist? Maybe I will have something to finally send your way.

  6. I need that Piazza showdown card badly. Very badly. I am sure I can come up with one or two things not in your collection for it. ;)