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Gint-a-cuffs II: Let's see what the loser has

I am not under any illusion that I am going to win Gint-a-Cuffs this year. Whatever hopeful feelings I had were dashed after seeing what Beardy pulled from one of his boxes -- rip card, printing plate, four hits in a box. How demoralizing.

Still, I'll plod on with my happy little box of medocrity. But first, a couple of facts before revealing packs 2 through 4:

I bought the box from Atlanta Sports Cards. It's kind of an A&G tradition around here. They're no muss, no fuss. I like that. Also, I paid just $84 for it, because I bought it the day that Steven Strasburg took a major league mound for the first time. Excellent timing -- and that is not a strong suit for me.

OK. On with the pack-opening. I'm still a little stumped by at least one of the points rules, but I'm sure the commish will weigh in ... eventually.


1. #236 - Shawn Johnson (0 points). How can anyone with so many muscles be such a little cutie? That deserves some points.

2. #275 - Clayton Kershaw (4 points, favorite player). YEEEEEE-HAAAAWWW! Clayton is NOT an All-Star. Don't come crying to me if the N.L. loses the game again.

3. #210 - Chris Johnson  (0 points). Rookie Astro. Never heard of him.
4. #132 - David Price (0 points). Could be the A.L. All-Star starter.
5. #240 - Aaron Hill  (0 points).

6. #328 - Jered Weaver (2 points, SP). Also snubbed in the All-Star Game. Only leads the majors in strikeouts.

7. #120 - Nick Swisher (minus 1 point). I'm disliking this guy more and more. I have a terrible feeling we're going to see him the All-Star Game. I may have to puke.

8. #TDH38 - Jim Thome, This Date in History. (1 point) Really hoping Thome reaches 600 homers.

Pack 2 total: 6 points
Total so far: 25 points

I'm telling you it's not going to get much better.


1. #131 -Tyler Flowers (0 points)
2. #8 - Miguel Tejada (0 points)
3. #206 - J.D. Booooooo! (0 points)
4. #251 - Chase Headley (0 points)

5. #79 - James Loney (1 point, favorite team). Loney to the rescue. Having himself an awfully good year. Is he Adrian Gonzalez? No. But you aren't either.

6. #155 - Carlos Carrasco (0 points). He's an Indian, in case you were wondering.
7. #100 - Matt LaPorta mini (0 points)

8. #TD35 - Josh Johnson, This Date in History (1 point).

Pack 3 total: 2 points
Total so far: 27 points



1. #144 - Stuart Scott (0 points). A pox on you, ESPN.

2. #30 - Rafael Furcal  (1 point). Also, NOT an All-Star. But that's OK. We have Omar Infante. Just in case the game goes like, you know, 24 innings. Because that always happens.

3. #289 - Hanley Ramirez (2 points, on favorite player list). Wow, look at all the Cubs fans that came out to see the Marlins.

4. #285 - Alex Rodriguez (minus 1 point). It's Mr. Skippy. Ick.
5. #93 - Brandon Inge (0 points)

6. #348 - Asdrubal Cabrera (2 points, SP). Having major scanning issues with this set.

7. #NA47 - Tiger, South Korea, National Animals (2 points). That's a cool card. But I'm not collecting the set.

8. #TDH63 - Alfonso Soriano, This Date in History (1 point).

Pack 4 total: 7 points
Total so far: 34 points

Yep, plodding along.

As a Ginty veteran, I know that the hits won't arrive until the second row of packs. Hopefully, that's enough to make you stick around.

For excitement, go to Beardy's site. I hear he's going to pull a mastodon tusk any minute now.


Hackenbush said…
Hey Night Owl,

The Cubs never have seats empty like that (though this year it would be only right). I think you're referring to the Metsies. Everyone has copied the Wrigley Field bricks.
night owl said…
Damn. I've got to stop trying to figure out stadiums on baseball cards. I apparently suck at it.
dayf said…
Save me those animals, please. Also, do you need a 2008 Bowman gold Kershaw? I already know you want it, just seeing if you need it.
night owl said…
Have the golden Kershaw already. I suppose you could put it in gcrl's stack.
madding said…
Swisher is the new Eric Byrnes.
longlivethewho said…
Swisher and Cano have practically carried the Yankees this year while A-Rod and Teix were sucking it up. Swisher deserves to be in there for the work he's put in and the vital role he plays for the Yanks.