Saturday, July 10, 2010

Awesome night card, pt. 91

I am getting close to my 100th awesome night card post. I've decided that I will do something special for that post. I'm not sure what that is right now. It may be something very simple and (*gasp*) not even involve giving out a prize. In fact, it could involve something that only interests me.

Sometimes it really IS all about me.

Anyway, that's a little down the line. Right now, I'm presenting awesome night card No. 91, from the lame duck of card sets, 2010 Upper Deck.

I'm having an increasingly difficult time finding 2010 Upper Deck at my neighborhood department store chains. Granted, I'm not exactly seeking it out every time. But the last two times, I definitely looked for it, and it wasn't there. Perhaps it's getting pulled already? Or has Series 1 simply run its course?

This fine Casey Blake night card is from Series 1, of course. I quite like this card. It's at Dodger Stadium (all right, I just jinxed myself by writing that), and Blake has dirt all over his uniform. We like Casey.

The Blake card actually arived from Cam at Collectable Cards - Fun and Easy. We arranged a deal, and it's taken forever for me to post the cards I received.

Casey wasn't the only night card that Cam sent. I rather enjoy it when collectors seek out night cards for me, because it's not all that easy to do.

Here is one of the other ones:

This is the chrome version of awesome night card, pt. 20. That was a strange time. I was ragging on Juan Pierre and bracing for the idea of Adam Dunn in Dodger blue. How silly it all seems now.

Cam also sent two more 2010 UD Dodgers off my want list. With the three UD Dodgers he sent, I am down to needing just one base card Dodger from the set.

Interestingly, it is the same card that was last on the list of fellow Dodger blogger gcrl. It's #276, Doug Mientkiewicz. Did they short-print this thing for Dodger fans? I know how UD hates the Dodgers. I wouldn't be surprised.

Here are two cards for the 2008 Upper Deck Timeline collection. Cam sent a bunch of cards for this. Several were doubles as I don't have a Timeline want list up yet. Shame on me, I really need to get that on there. I think I have a fear that if I type it out, I'll realize how many cards I still need and that will send me into a funk. ... Wow, that sounds OCD-ish.

How about a couple cards just for fun? Nothing says fun in the mid-1990s like Sportflix.

Finally, a Generation Now card of the .247-hitting Russell Martin. "Generation Now" is such a clever slogan that it was used by both Topps and Upper Deck. As Elaine Benes would say, "Well done."

Martin did hit a three-homer that proved to be the difference against the Cubs last night. Hopefully, the Dodgers will have their third straight win vs. Chicago in about six hours.

Thanks, Cam. Make sure Oswalt stays away from the Yankees.


  1. Should you ever write up your Timeline want list, check out my blog...I've got a TON of 'em for trade. I somehow must have bought two or three boxes that all had the same bunch of cards in 'em since I'm still missing so many!

  2. Todd Hollandsworth is now a baseball analyst on TV in Chicago.

  3. The hopes of me buying another box of Timeline went right out the window when people realized Strasburg may be lurking in the set. Now a box I bought for only 33 dollars 4 months ago is now 78 dollars. Screw you Strasburg.