Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cardboard appreciation: 1991 Line Drive Jerry Manuel

(Today is "National Milk Chocolate Day." The order of those two words in the middle is important. I detest "chocolate milk." Always have since the time I was little. But "milk chocolate" is the most wonderful invention ever and much appreciated. This is the 74th in a series):

If it doesn't rain, I will be attending a minor league baseball game tonight. It's already rained twice here today, but the game is an hour away, so who knows what it will be doing down there.

The Syracuse Chiefs are facing the Indianapolis Indians, which doesn't mean much in major league terms, since those are the Triple A affiliates of the Nationals and the Pirates (I bet they pack the house for that series). But, as usual, we will be going merely for the spectacle of a relatively well-played game in my favorite kind of environment, one surrounded by baseball.

Jason Marquis is scheduled to make the start for Syracuse. He's on a rehab assignment with the Nationals. That will be pretty cool.

Other recognizable players that I hope to see are Aki Iwamura, Brandon Moss and Jonathan Van Every for Indianapolis, and Jason Botts, Ron Villone and Kevin Mench (still hanging on, apparently) for Syracuse.

And since we're now veterans of Syracuse Chiefs baseball, with one whole game in the past year under our belt, we recognize names like Justin Maxwell and Pete Orr. It'll be good to see them again.

Also, I can't help but notice that the Syracuse Chiefs baseball card set is on sale. Since Strasburg is in the set, I half expect it to be sold out, but we'll see.

As for the Jerry Manuel card up at the top, I posted it there only because he managed Indianapolis back in the day, and I always think it's cool when I dig up a minor league card of a manager that I have a card of either as a major league player or a major league manager. In Manuel's case, it's both.

Hey, look, the sun's out now!


  1. Pete Orr is from Canada, eh!

    and no, I don't know him personally.

  2. I looked up the box score for the game. I wanted to see how former Ranger Kevin Mench was doing. I wish he could make it back, but if you can't get back with that team, it doesn't look good.