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The original Manny being Manny, take 2


No, I will not post a poll on which Mota is the best.

No, I will not scan any Motas wearing a different uniform.

No, I will not scan any non-Topps Motas.

No, I will not explain why the '76 Topps Mota is in such lousy condition.

No, I will not explain why some Motas are scanned in crooked.

No, I will not post any cards of Manny Lee or Manny Trillo or Manny Legace or Manuel Noriega.


You guys are just jealous that the Dodgers are up 2-0 aren't you?


Matt Runyon said…
The '76 card has a lot of character.

That's a nice string of cards for a player on one team.

If I had to vote on one of these cards it would be the '75. Nice background of Dodger Stadium. The stadium has really held up well.
jacobmrley said…
pinch hitting for pedro borbon...manny mota...mota ....mota.....
Mark Aubrey said…
Thanks. I like the trees in the background. It seems like the photos were taken at some Little League park.

We're all winners now.

Thank you, Greg. I'm happier.

I was asked by the sales manager at work this morning who I wanted to see in the World Series this year. I ended up telling him Dodgers and the Red Sox, just for the Manny story.

Then I told him about your blog. He and another one of the salesmen said, at the same time, "Mota, right?"

They're older. What do they know?
bul2 said…
Tks for showing the Mota's cards. We liked him a lot here in the Dom. Rep. He's a very special part of a graded latino collection I'm putting together.
"Hey, what about me?"

Manny Jimenez
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