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My hero

I have a new favorite player. He's basically been my favorite player for the last year now, but I was reluctant to declare him "the favorite," until now.

That's because I've soured on the last few "favorites" that I have selected. And no current player has been able to compare to the players that were my favorites growing up, Ron Cey and Orel Hershiser. Now that I could be a father to some of these current players, it's hard for me to relate to the present-day major leaguer.

But Clayton Kershaw keeps showing how special he is. Tonight, it was a great 10-strikeout performance against the Rockies to help the Dodgers win back-to-back NL West titles for the first time since my whole existence was playing Mattel Electronics Basketball.

He's still just 21. I'm really hoping Kershaw can become that player that people mention when they list the handful of the greatest present-day players: Pujols, A-Rod, Ichiro, and, oh yeah, Kershaw. It's been so long since the Dodgers had a guy like that.

Kershaw will probably get the Game 2 start against the Cardinals in the NLDS. It's a major request for a 21-year-old. But he's got it in him. The boy's from Texas, you know.

Meanwhile, my little battle with the Rockies is over. For now. (GO PHILLIES!). But, unfortunately, there is this little matter to deal with:

That's the Todd Helton Heritage card I showed in the last post. You may have noticed that it's been damaged in some way.

You see, I mowed my lawn earlier today, and the card kind of got in the way. And I know what you're thinking: the Dodgers won tonight, why did I damage a Rockies card?

Well, I had to prepare. I had to go to work, so if the Dodgers lost, I wouldn't be able to damage the card until after I got home. And, unlike my neighbor, I do not mow my lawn in the dark. (My neighbor also lets her vehicle run in the driveway for 20 minutes at a time and lets her dogs bark for hours when she's gone).

So, like any fan who has no confidence in his team, I prepared as if the Dodgers would lose. The Todd Helton card died in vain, unfortunately. This late-season baseball stuff is ruthless, isn't it? I'd say I'm sorry. But I've got like three other Helton Heritages in my dupes box.

Besides, there's someone out there who always wanted to see what a card looked like after being freshly mowed, right?

I'm simply here to serve. And as an added bonus, the card smells like springtime now. Really, it does.

Anyway ...

Go Dodgers!


I'm guessing BGS gives that at least a 9.0, knocking off .5 for the corners and .5 just because it's a Rockies card. Congrats to you and the boys in blue!
Have you posted these on things done to cards.
Matt Runyon said…
Scratch and sniff cards
night owl said…
Rod: Good idea. I'll have to do a spin-off post.
Tubby said…
You should have burnt it ;)
capewood said…
Who would have thought it would go down to the last game of the season but congrats to the Dodgers. I predict the Phillies and Dodgers in the NLCS. The Phillies have been in 6 NL Champion Series and have played the Dodgers in 4 of them. The Phillies are 2-2 against the Dodgers in NLCS. Here's to being 3-2.