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Complete opposites

I received another card package of complete opposites from Sportscards From The Dollar Store a week or two ago.
Like usual, the cards contained players from sports at opposite ends of the spectrum in regard to weather. Though both sports are taking place right now, baseball is played in outdoor warmth and sunshine and hockey is played indoors to get away from whatever nastiness you walked/drove through to get to the game. 

Often, Douglas sends me Bills cards, but I've got no room for those anymore for the most part, so this is much more manageable.

The baseball cards were customarily fancy. I usually don't come across stuff like this.

From the top, starting with Tommy, a bright parallel from that Cooperstown Panini set that I laughed at back in the day, but when it doesn't cut off the tops of heads, it's all right. 

The Michael Busch is a Chronicles card, I thought I'd be done with Panini baseball stuff by now, but at least I'm not buying any of it anymore.

The Roy Campanella is from the first set I think of when I think Triple Threads, probably because I have more of the 2010 cards than any other.

The Kemp Topps Museum is a blue parallel, which is always a plus for Dodger collectors. The Duke Snider Gypsy Queen mini is a numbered purple parallel from 2016, nice to have somebody more notable than Frankie Montas for that parallel.

Finally, the Bobby Miller is from 2023 Chronicles, the Clearly Donruss set and a numbered blue parallel. Is that enough sub-categories for you? Since the card is clear, the background is from one of the recliners in the house. It's the chair's last day here before it's replaced, so kind of a tribute there. It's been around for awhile.
Miller changed his uniform number from 70 to 28 for this season. But the 28 Miller is wearing is not Panini seeing into the future. He's wearing an Oklahoma City Triple A jersey. He was wearing 28 then.

Some nifty autographed Dodgers. Each one of these is the player's first entrant into my Dodgers autograph binder. That's pretty cool.

I recently jettisoned some autographs from the binder of so-called Dodgers, either minor leaguers or prospects who never made the team (there's been a lot of binder-banishing lately, I'll get to a post on that I think). I think because of that, I'm back down under 200 unique Dodgers autographs after having surpassed it a few years ago. So I've got some work to do!
OK, I'm done with the hot-weather sport. Now for the cold-weather one.

There are the Sabres now. They've been a disappointment this season, although they're on a bit of an upturn the last few games. I guess the Metal brand has been revived for hockey cards. They don't look as exotic as they used to be.

Woo, some fancy relics in all kinds of hockey-themed shapes, too. One half of these guys are still with Buffalo.

More 91-92 Pro Set needs! I continue to pretend I don't need to buy a box of this and be done with it.

Finally this odd card. The back is more interesting than the front. It says he's a horse dentist on his ranch, as well as advising athletes on mental illness and addiction. The suit-and-tie must be from the advisory role. I wanted to see him staring into a horse mouth.

Sorry you had to see that card twice.


buckstorecards said…
I know that Malarchuk wasn't technically a Buffalo card, but he's most famous for something that happened in Buffalo, so I count it.
Nick Vossbrink said…
Can't not shiver whenever I see Malarchuk
Zippy Zappy said…
Mmm, if you reorganized your binder and jettisoned the prospects/never-weres, that means that the PWE I just sent you had the worst timing ever.
Fuji said…
Horse dentist? Interesting. I guess someone has to clean their teeth.
Matt said…
If you haven't read his piece over at the Player's Tribune ( I highly recommend it, just be warned it's pretty dark and there's a photo of the incident.
Grant said…
Poor Andrew Toles looks scared in that illustration. Always like seeing hometown boy Casey Mittelstadt and a horse dentist!
Action photo flossing the horse would have been great. Or a horse sitting in a dentists chair!
GCA said…
No, you don't need a box of that Pro Set hockey, you just need to post your list and let us kill it in three shipments or less...
carlsonjok said…
Horses teeth continue to grow throughout most of their lives. Depending on how they eat, the teeth may wear unevenly which can cause problems fully chewing grass and grass hay before swallowing. In addition they can develop sharp edges which can cut the inside of they mouth. The primary, though not only, task of the horse dentist is to float the teeth, which is the process of filing them so that they are all level and have no sharp edges.