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I'm weak

Look at that card. Isn't that fantastic? That's what a football card should look like. Why shouldn't I have that card? No one can tell me I can't have that card. So I have it.

Because I'm weak.
I've told myself over and over not to think about tackling another vintage football set, not until I finish the 1979 Topps set. Certainly I shouldn't try the '76 Topps set with a known expensive card that will surely be at the end of my completion rainbow.
But '70s cards are a weakness. They speak to me like no other cards. This is why I will never get to collecting old tobacco card Dodgers or Goudey Dodgers or whatever 100-year-old card because they do not have the magic that '70s cards do. Also, I'm weak.

 More football sets I shouldn't be chasing. 1983? I shouldn't be even thinking about this until '70s stuff is out of the way. THERE MUST BE ORDER.

But I can't resist. All of these were available at the and I had to get them. The '76 Charles Sanders card came from another Twitter sale from Mitch. Both of these places are cheap ways to pick up cards, hopefully so cheap that the 1979 Topps football set doesn't suspect a thing.

I figured I'd show those off since it's Super Bowl weekend and we've got to pay attention to it even though we just went through this matchup four years ago.

But those football cards are the only nonbaseball cards I picked up at both places -- not that I came back to reality. Just a couple days ago I nabbed four more 1976 football cards. 

Look, see? What's this stuff? Why am I adding late 1990s cards, I don't collect late 1990s cards! But I do have a weakness for 1997 Topps if it's going to be super-cheap like it was at the baseballcardstore, so here we are. At the very least I need to have more of these cards than I do 1996 or 1998 Topps and I don't right now.

Here is a 1998 card now. Deion Sanders' presence as a football coach means cards like this are suddenly a little more interesting. There was a little Discord discussion about how Sanders is sporting the cut-off sleeves he wore in tribute to Jackie Robinson and how Bud Selig got all NFL-like in cracking down on Neon. Bud, Bud, Bud.

Yeah, I know, what am I doing? This set is like 800 cards and has probably grown in the two years since it was issued. But I will add them if they don't cost anything, which these didn't ... because they are White Sox and Marlins.

Again, they were super-cheap as they should be. These Sport Kings cards are pretty flimsy, but sucker me in with 1970s guys. I find some of the non-baseball subjects in these sets rather horrifying in appearance but the baseball doesn't bother me.


Some stuff I can explain better in terms of fitting int my collection. Clockwise from top left we have: Dodger, SP for the 2020 Heritage set that supposedly I need, a 1989 box-bottom (I recently discovered I never added the '89 box bottoms to TCDB and rectified that right away), and that '94 George Brett that I've seen 3,000 times since starting a blog, 'bout time I got it.

I can't quite convince anyone about this selection falling in line with what I collect, except the O-Pee-Chee card. But every single one was intriguing at the moment.

Besides, I think Nick is finally rubbing off on me.

More like it, a couple of 1983 Donruss needs. I'll probably have a want list up for this one day because I won't be blowing cash on buying this all at once.

There we go, a bunch of 1990 Pacific needs, I've got a binder set aside for that and everything. This is night owl core.

Now, the only reason I would get this card is because I have a set to finish. This is one of the 1986 Traded "biggies." After a recent TCDB trade, I'm down to the final two cards to finish off this set, Bo Jackson and .............. Billy Hatcher.

Lastly, TWO DODGERS THAT I NEED. Finally, focus!

These both came from the baseballcardstore. At some point soon, I'll be getting a Dodger-centric package from that place so I can get myself back on track instead of all of the above randomness.

Still, staying focused probably doesn't matter as much as I think it should. I may be weak, but a card collection is one place that benefits from weaknesses.


Jimetal7212 said…
"But I can't resist." Every true collector's worst conundrum.
dayf said…
i was eyeballing those SportKings, i'm glad you got them
i had the large sized Dusty already anyway
My last two 86 Traded are also Bo and... Danny Tartabull
how is Bonds so easy and Bo so hard
Good to see you leading with the football cards, Mr. Owl.
Bo said…
If you're not going to start one set until you complete a different one, it's going to take far longer. Better to just grab what you can, when you can. Cheaper in the long run too.
Anonymous said…
'83 Topps football is great-looking set.
Old Cards said…
Those football cards almost kept me from reading your post, but the quick turn to baseball cards saved it for me even if the first ones were 1990's. 1990's cards are kind of a blur making even 1980's cards look refreshing. Thanks for your blog and keeping it interesting.
carlsonjok said…
What year are those Conlon's from? Are they parallels of some sort? I don't recognize them.
night owl said…
1994, and it's a parallel.
BaseSetCalling said…
How many sets feature a Pink Football anyway?
1984 Tigers said…
Love that 1976 topps FB set. I had to upgrade some cards years ago (marked checklists and a few rubberband marks). I won a nice group from a 500 card box (the stars had been removed and that was known when I bid) but the condition was amazing.

Lmk if you're interested in any trades. Red wings, lions, pistons, etc. Since I already got a nice lot of tigers from you last year. Even if you'd like to buy some 76 fb, I'd sell as many in exmt or better as you'd need for half high beckett (25 cent commons when discounted). Rather trade but will sell if that's better.

Thanks for the bright photo of my favorite 1970s lion!
Just focus on the head of that Dustin May card for about 3 seconds and tell me if you started laughing too. I'll message you soon Mr Owl having some health issues recently again.
Michael D said…
I am a die-hard Cowboys fan. I have been my whole life. I have fought and so far conquered the desire to collect football least my Cowboys. I am strong! I will not do it! For now.
Matt said…
I like that your adding late 90s stuff 😄
Fuji said…
Seeing that 83T Renaldo Nehemiah and the 86TT Will Clark brings back memories from my childhood... and that attractive 97T Rickey Henderson just reminded me that I need to get to work on his Topps base card run.