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Joy of a team set, gold parallel edition

The bit-by-bit, card-here, card-there strategy of adding to my collection the first couple of months of the year continues for just a couple more weeks.
But you can accomplish a lot even when cards are just trickling in. Just the other day I completed the gold parallel team set for the 2008 Topps Dodgers.
No, that doesn't include the Update set, the Kershaw is still out there (I landed more than a couple of the Kershaw rookie, along with the gold-letter version back in 08-09, but the goldie eluded me when his cards were cheap).
But this feels like an accomplishment to me. I honestly don't know if I've completed the gold parallels for any of the other Dodgers team sets since gold parallels became a thing. So I decided to try to finish a few of them, beginning with some of the easier ones. 2008 falls into that category.
I had a lot of them already -- wow was I accumulating Dodgers like mad in '08 and '09 -- so I needed just six more. In order, I added Derek Lowe and Juan Pierre first, followed by Andy LaRoche and Joe Torre and then finally Jeff Kent and Brad Penny.

The final two. 
Gold parallels still looked great then and they had to if I'm going to attempt to collect a parallel set. I do not see myself ever having enough inspiration to complete the 2016 Dodgers gold parallels.

So I'll finish up this completion post with a Joy of a Team Set rundown.

That's a small team set. A lot of these Joy of a Team Set posts have reached four pages and even gone into five.

OK --

Favorite cards, runners-up: James Loney, Russell Martin, Juan Pierre, Derek Lowe

Team's claim to fame: The 2008 team was the first team to win a playoff series since the 1988 team won the World Series. It's probably difficult for some detractors to believe but the Dodgers were pretty incompetent for 20 years there, only sometimes contending. The '08 team -- with the help of a few players not shown in this team set, like Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake and Kershaw -- was really the start of the team being relevant again.

Famous error card: None

Famous flops: Andruw Jones or Jason Schmidt, take your pick.

Notable absences: Not including players who would later appear in the Update set, the most notable absence is Nomar Garciaparra, who did not have an agreement with Topps at the time. Other notables missing are all relievers. Chan Ho Park appeared in more than 50 games in '08 and Hung-Chih Kuo more than 40 but neither are in Update. Park shows up in 2009 but Kuo does not (except for Upper Deck sets).

Players I've talked to: I wish.

Players who grew up near me: Nobody really. Russell Martin is from East York, Ontario, which is outside of Toronto (or maybe part of Toronto? I'm not Canadian). But that's not super close.
Card I'm glad I didn't have to pick up now: Hiroki Kuroda's rookie card is in this set. I haven't looked to see how much it's going for but I know he has fans on a couple of continents.
Favorite card in the team set:

Andre Ethier. Have always liked this card. No offense goldie, but I like the blue chrome refractor version better.
Now that the 2008 parallel set is done, I think I'll go for 2009 next. I thought about 2006 or 2007 but I need a lot for each set and much less for 2009.
Also we'll see how closely I stick to this mission when I'm able to buy cards "in bulk" again and when the card show season heats up more with the warmer weather.


Jeremya1um said…
That is really cool and maybe one day I can do that with a Rays set. Bucket list card goal.
So ya need the gold Kershaw Update huh? So do I, along with the base Update Kershaw, I actually don't have it and too cheap to pay the prices these days.
Nick Vossbrink said…
Nice. Only one of these I have completed is 1992.
bbcardz said…
I would love to complete gold parallel team sets but I just don't have the time. Regular Topps flagship and Heritage take up the bulk of my hobby time (along with TCDb and reading the hobby blogs).
Jamie Meyers said…
When you do these I always look at the whole set and see how many of these guys I've talked to. I did a lot of in person autographing before the pandemic and the gutting of the minor leagues here in Connecticut. Almost got shut out, but I did run across Delwyn Young a couple of times in the Atlantic League. He wasn't the most personable guy in the world but he did sign.
Matt said…
The only gold parallels I'm chasing are the Red Sox from 2018. I have a feeling I'll never get a hold of the Devers ASR card, but other than that the rest of the cards are pretty attainable.
AdamE said…
Congrats, A gold team set is tough to build and 08 is even worse than most because it is numbered to 2008. You made me curious and I had to look and see if I had any complete gold team sets; I checked, I have built zero Gold team sets. I thought for sure I would be close on a few but no, I am nowhere close to a single gold team set. The only parallel team sets I have built was 07 & 08 black bordered Masterpiece, 08 Ginter mini, 08 Heroes Charcoal, and 08 X Die Cut. That's it, all right in the pinnacle of blog trading.
Ginko-5 said…
Congrats on the set build. The cards look sharp.
Fuji said…
Congratulations! I love the 2008 Topps design. My favorite from this group is the Saito. Nice action shot.
kcjays said…
After Topps started the Gold SN sets in 2001 I made it a point to pick up a couple of Royals cards every year. Around 2011 or 2012 I was at a card show and found a dealer who had a huge box of the Gold cards from several years. I went through and picked out all the Royals cards. (I think they were 3 for a dollar.) I didn’t have any complete team sets but I decided that would be a fun project to start. Last fall I finished the “quest” when I finally located a 2003 Gold Joe Randa for sale on eBay.
I’m the proud owner of Gold SN Royals team sets, base and Update from 2001 thru Series 1 of 2024.
A word of advice/ warning for anyone looking to get their team. I was told by an eBay dealer who sells Topps Gold and other parallel cards that there are several cards in the first series of 2003 that are very hard to locate. It seems odd, there were 2003 copies made of every card, but some apparently seldom turn up on the market. He sent me a list of about 30, which I didn’t think to keep because I was only interested in the Royals. #23 - Roberto Hernandez (paid $10 for) & #252 Joe Randa were the 2 Royals. The same dealer had the Randa for sale last fall. After we agreed on a price, $35? he told me that of the thousands of parallels he had sold his records indicated this was only the 3rd Randa he had come across.
Congrats on completing 2008!
Derek said…
East York is beside old Toronto. But in the late 90s, Mega Toronto was created, swallowing old Toronto and East York amongst other places. It served to officially increase the number of hockey fans that had to plan for a perennial Stanley Cup parade that would never happen. Maybe one day, Leaf fans.
gcrl said…
that set looks nice with colored borders. congrats!
Jafronius said…
Very cool, congrats!