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Needed boost

My post titles have been terribly generic lately, I must be in a funk, or more likely, too busy.

I'll snap out of it, but it may not be til January. By the end of next month they'll all say "got some cards."

Anyway, I got some cards -- from a couple of veteran bloggers. The blog-to-blog swap is getting rare. and even rarer, I've already sent return packages to both of them, they just went out in the mail yesterday!
The first cards are from Jeremy of Topps Cards That Never Were. He was asking me about my 2023 Topps Heritage want list. This is super-appreciated because even though I'm steadily picking off high-numbers, I'm not sure if I'm going to meet my goal of getting it completed by the end of the year. People need their holiday gifts, you know.

Jeremy sent me these two key highs -- seems like Kelly is always in the high numbers -- but that wasn't all. (Yes, those Angels cards will appear on my year-end post, in the "Topps screw-ups" section).

He also sent these two unexpectedly! That Rookie Infielders is especially key as it's the one Rookies card that I needed that was selling for far more than any of the others. Sellers apparently anticipating a clamoring of Spencer Steer collectors.

So that was a much-needed boost. I still doubt I'll finish before 2024. I'll have to average about five cards a week, which has been my rate prior, but that was without the Christmas time crunch and also I'm sure there will be one super-elusive card lying in wait.

Jeremy padded the envelope with a few Dodgers. Here's a Big League orange of next year's infielder. Hope he can reach .230.

And now for a gaggle of shiny! Panini may be moving away from featuring modern players in its sets but they're still working their way to me for now. 

So that was a nice send from Jeremy, it's good to have those long-time reliable trade partners. I'd say I probably have less than a dozen now from the bloggers.

That's why it felt good to arrange a deal with Ryan of "Oh No!!! Another Orioles Blog. He recently returned to full-time blogging after a few years away and has been ripping some interesting packs. I saw a couple cards I liked and -- zoom -- we put together our first trade since 2014, according to Ryan's records. 2014 -- that's when bloggers were exiting for Twitter. How's that going?

These are the two cards that sparked the trade. Ryan's been a Dodger magnet with his breaking lately. I don't even have all the Update Dodgers yet but I have these two goldies now!

Here are a couple more border parallels, about 10 years apart. The Ryu green recalls those 2014 days when Topps issued about 7 different border color parallels -- no, I haven't given up on getting the Dodgers. The blue Muncy I looked up because it was unfamiliar. I've since forgotten what it is.

Nine years of no transactions means Ryan had a lot of inventory for me. These are all base set needs, maybe the Seager Gallery is a short-print, who has time to keep track of that stuff? The Buehler is a former Nebulous Nine need!

Whoa, a whole bunch of inserts and parallels. Lots of good stuff. It's amazing how much I've seen those 2022 Stars of MLB cards, including several cards over and over, and this is the first time I'm seeing the Bellinger.

Really appreciate all these, yeah even those Bellinger Highlights cards.

It's a good feeling knowing that blog trading can still exist. I think TCDB has taken some of that away but I'm always happy with a simple blog trade.

For some bloggers with challenging want lists, I need to stockpile some cards, which is going to take me awhile, but I'll get there. I hear January is pretty wide-open.


Why in the world would you want people to send you Dodger cards? :)
Grant said…
I like the green Ryu card. I didn't know that parallel color existed until today.
Jon said…
It'd probably be easier to swap cards with fellow bloggers if folks would quit leaving for browner pastures.