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C.A.: 1986 Topps Bob Rodgers

(Greetings. I have no special opening this time, I just got up from a nap. A thing old people do. Time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 329th in a series):

My latest sportlots order is working its way to my house. It's down to the final few cards.

I don't plan to show much of it on the blog, it's mostly upgrades, a few Dodgers needs and a set filler here and there. If I get desperate maybe I'll show something, but that's what this post is for!

One of the cards I got was this 1986 Topps Bob Rodgers. I completed the 1986 set long ago, one of the first that I finished with help from bloggers. But it turns out I never actually finished it. It's been laughing at me -- in a binder -- for 14 years.

The 1986 set is the first set in my collecting time that I didn't have memorized ... well, same goes for 1984 and 1985 Topps, but I bought those in their entirety, there was no room for slip-ups.

But in '86, I ignored everything cards. And so, I picked up the knowledge much later that the set featured some skipped numbers -- something reserved for '50s cards mostly, but apparently somebody wanted to see if collectors were paying attention in 1986. I know I wasn't. And now I'm paying for it.

I was aware that there are two card No. 57s in the set -- Bill Doran and Bobby Wine -- to make up for no card No. 51. But the two No. 141s (making up for no No. 171) must've got past me.

So, for 14-plus years, I have owned a set with a Chuck Cottier card at 141 but not Bob Rodgers. You can imagine how loudly my brain screamed when I realized there was a Bob Rodgers card out there that I didn't have.

I had to watch myself when I ordered it, too, because at least one sportlots seller is selling a Rodgers that is actually the Cottier card.

Buck Rodgers is now mine (I think it would've been less confusing if Topps simply added a No. 793 and 794). But I have to go through the semi-mindless exercise of shifting every post-No. 141 card in the binder to get Rodgers in there. Oh well, it'll give me a chance to relive the glory of '86.

Now for one more observation from the order.

A number of cards from the order were Dodgers team-set completion cards. I needed one or two cards to finish the set so I grabbed them. Thanks to that, team sets from 2022 Bowman Chrome, 2022 Donruss, 2002 Fleer Tradition, 1998 Pacific Aurora, 2016 Topps Holiday and 2021 Big League are now complete.

In several of those instances, those cards were hanging over my head, as if they were tricky SPs or something.

But the sellers apparently didn't think so. I got three Bowman Chrome Trea Turners in an envelope. I ordered just one. I guess that's generous, or someone's telling me "you should have this card by now."

This must be a new phenomenon because it happened with three different sellers. This is what came out of the envelope containing the Donruss Cody Bellinger I needed to finish the team set.

OK now. They couldn't have possibly known this, but I just finished my months-long sort of my Dodgers dupes boxes. Now all these have to wait a year for the next sort.

And this wasn't limited to Dodgers. I picked up a bunch of 1981 Fleer Stickers from a few different sellers. Here is what arrived with a few stickers, including the Mike Schmidt.

I went from "I really need that" to "I really do NOT need that."

I'm not sure what's going on here, but it's definitely a thing that was not a thing before.

Anyway, I now have some cards available, along with ones that are finally in my collection.


Nick Vossbrink said…
Oh man the Bill Doran was a pain in the ass for me to get in my build. I kept getting Bobby Wines sent to me because people would just pull the card number and not check the name.
Brett Alan said…
I was on my way out of the hobby in 1986, and I have no recollection of ever learning of those duplicate numbers before. That's really not OK. I'm retroactively angry at 1986 Topps.
Old Cards said…
At first glance, thought Bob Rodgers was Bob Uecker.
1984 Tigers said…
I collected cards pretty fervently in 1986 but totally missed the weird numbering.

That looks like Buck at W Palm Beach spring training where they trained in those days. Nice and relaxing. That photo was probably taken Spring training 1985 when I was slaving over engineering homework when I wasn't reading The Sporting news.
gregory said…
Oh boy. I'm in the same boat with 1986 Topps. I knew about the Bill Doran/Bobby Wine, but not about the Bob Rodgers/Chuck Cottier. I'd better go look through my completed set. Thanks for the tip, Night Owl!
Fuji said…
I attempted to build the 1986 Topps set when it came out. Not sure if I was successful or not... and don't remember if I knew about the card 51 and 171 omissions. When I returned to the hobby, I did eventually add the set to my collection (pretty sure I bought it as part of a Craigslist collection), but now I'm wondering if I need to track down a Bobby Wine/Bill Doran and/or Chuck Cottier/Bob Rodgers to complete my set.
AdamE said…
Bipped By Sportslots!! Lol
Doc Samson said…
Sounds like quality control wasn’t high on the list for Topps in 1986. But seriously, I can’t imagine how laborious it was for Topps (and Donruss and Fleer) to produce cards back then. Obviously this was before computers, vast photo stock libraries and modern printing techniques.
Nick said…
Sportlots is my go-to source for that awful "dammit, how do I not already HAVE that card?!" moment. It's been a lifesaver for me many times now.
Jon said…
Considering how many posts I've seen about '86 Topps, I don't recall anyone ever mentioning the skipped numbers before. I'm really surprised to hear that Topps would've still been doing that sort of thing that late.