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This place is a disaster

Today I interviewed the head equipment manager for the 49ers. He's a very busy guy these days, as you can imagine.

He used to be an athlete, but moved into this line of work when an injury ended his playing days. The reason he stayed in his new career, keeping track of jerseys and pads and everything else for NFL teams, is because it appealed to the organizational aspect of his personality.

In fact, he said he used to spend hours organizing his baseball cards.

The light bulb went on above me. "Hey! I like organizing baseball cards! Maybe I could have become an equipment manager for a Super Bowl team!"

Then I looked at my desk at work. Papers from years ago, scattered everywhere.

Then I came home and looked at my card desk. Cards, from months ago, scattered everywhere.

"No," I thought. "'Rumpled, disheveled journalist' fits me just right."

But I really do need to clear off my card desk a little bit. There's a card show coming -- for realz this time -- and my brand new cards won't want to be seen with stuff that's been sitting around moldy-like for months.

So, let's have a looksy at some cards people set me, OK?

This card came from Pat at Hot Corner Cards. It is a rare Awesome Night Card Back card. This card is from one of the best card backs of all-time, 1993 Leaf.

There are several night card backs in this set. The A's, Phillies, Yankees, White Sox, among others, all feature night card backs.

It may deserve a special spot in my night card binder. I'll put that on my to-do list. And it will sit on my desk for months/years.

This card came from Baseball Dad at All Tribe Baseball. A little while ago, he showed a bunch of cards and people could claim them for the price of a few Indians cards.

I like paying in Indians cards. I wish I could pay for everything in Indians cards. I'd be a lot happier.

So, I received this cool 1965 Topps Embossed card of Ron Fairly. At least that's who Topps is claiming is Ron Fairly. I think it's actually the picture of some player from 1907. It could be a New York Giant for all I know. That wouldn't be good.

I also received this card. It's a 2001 Topps Chrome item. I claimed it for an Orioles fan, but I don't remember now who that was.

The things that happen because of a cluttered desk.

Yeah, someone sent me a 1983 Donruss checklist.

Do I need it? I don't know. It's 1983 Donruss. It's a checklist. You think I pay attention to stuff like that?

This came in one of those PWE thingies floating around from Jeff at 2 By 3 Heroes.

I think Jeff was poking wise at my card collecting habits, judging from some of the cards:

This is a Cub, listed as a Dodger. But the Cubness almost destroys the whole card. Thank goodness for the Dodger logo. But since it's listing Terry Adams as a Dodger, it would go in my Dodger binder, if I didn't have it already.

This, however, has no chance of making my Dodger binder. Yeah, I know it says "LOS ANGELES DODGERS" in teeny type. I can't be having fat Andrew in a Braves uniform in the binder.

OK, here's an excellent example of what I do and do not collect for Hideo Nomo cards.

Nomo on the left I definitely collect. Dodger Nomo is best Nomo. There is no dispute.

But Nomo on the right, some sort of Detroit Red Sox amalgamation, is not collectible. Even though he appears to have only one leg.

Oof. Do I have this already? I think I do. I need to check, because I need one of these to burn.

OK. Here's something new. Both of these cards came from The Angels, In Order.

Now before you panic and shred your want lists in a fit of rage because you never knew that 1988 Fleer and 1997 Pinnacle featured black-border variations, let me assure you these are not black borders.

Here are the backs:

OK, you're panicking again because you didn't know 1988 Fleer and 1997 Pinnacle had blank backs. BUT LET ME REASSURE YOU, the backs are not blank.

The card backs are hidden underneath this black backing on both cards. It's like the two cards were inserted into some sleeves with a magnetic-like back. I'm not sure if it's magnetized or not. I tried putting them up on the refrigerator and they slid off. So if they're magnets, they're terrible at it.

In short, I have no idea what these are, and am confused as ever.

So let's go with something I know ...


I received a one-card '75 mini mailing from Card Anathema! How cool!

Matt just finished off his 1971 Topps set, something I know all about, having completed it myself. So a big congratulations to him. I think sending out '75 minis in recognition of that feat is the perfect way to celebrate.



Yes. This one came from blog reader Tom. He said he ordered the mini Mickey by mistake and wanted to send it off to someone who would appreciate it.

Oh, boy, do I appreciate it.

Two more '75 minis to knock of the list.

This is terrific news.

And I'll get to knocking them off the want list at some point.

Right when I get a little more organized.

Once again, no breath-holding, please.


dayf said…
Those black back sleevey things are called deck protectors. They're used for game cards like Magic and Yu-Gi- Oh and Pokemon and stuff. The idea is that the sleeve protects the card and the opaque back prevents sneaky people from marking their deck so they know where the good cards are. I often see them get mixed up with sports cards for which they are useless.

I apologize for taunting you into going to a card show that got rescheduled last week. Good luck at the show, I'll be at work again.
JediJeff said…
Sorry - I have been saving up a stack of "Dodgers that are not Dodgers" for a while, cuz I know how much you love them. :)