Saturday, November 24, 2012

Feeling odd

I've just returned from out-of-town. Four nights away and pretty loopy from an all-day drive. So how about a smattering of oddballs since I'm feeling so odd?

Each of these came from Listia. Lately, all that has interested me on that site are oddball cards. Part of the whole ebb-and-flow of the site, I think.

If they keep throwing TCMA cards up for bid, I"ll keep coming back for more. This is from what seems to be the ubiquitous 1987 Greatest Teams set. I often confuse Snider and Alston on cards -- must be the silver hair -- so it's good to see both of them in the same place where I can keep them straight.

On to a Pacific Legends card. I obtained this one only because I suddenly became ashamed by how few Seattle Pilots cards I have. I think this is just my second one. But it's a good one. Gary "Ding Dong" Bell will forever be remembered as Jim Bouton's roommate on the '69 Pilots as recounted in "Ball Four."

"Smoke 'em inside," Gary.

Finally, here's another one of those Superstar cards from 1980. I won a different Koufax one off Listia earlier. In fact, I was outbid on yet another Koufax Superstar card (how many of those things are there?), and then made it my mission NOT TO LOSE this one.

As you can see, I did not lose it. Bask in the glory of its amateur quality.

But I suppose oddballs are not enough to interest everybody.

So, I'll show you one card that came out of the only pack of cards I opened over the Thanksgiving holiday.

It came from my sister-in-law. The fact that my sister-in-law bought me a pack of Topps Chrome as a Thanksgiving day gift tells you all you need to know about her.

She rules.

One pack, she buys. And a 1-in-24-packs card falls out.

I buy rack packs, a few loose packs, a blaster or two, and all I get is remorse from Chrome.

Which is why I try to stick with oddballs these days.

I'll leave the snazzy-pack purchasing to my sister-in-law.


  1. Wow... Can I borrow your sister-in-law for a little while?

    ...although, for my personal collection, I'd much rather have the Gary Bell. I've got all of the Topps Pilots cards (and most of the scratch-offs, deckle edges and the like), but my Pilots collection is sorely lacking Pacific Legends and TCMA cards. I need to rectify that.

  2. I put in an early bid on that Snider/Alston card, but it looks like you were the one who beat me out for it.

    The oddballs are what keep me coming back to Listia as well, I've already found quite a few.

  3. That Superstar Koufax is tacky but sweet. It does look homemade by a child first discovering a computer. That quality only makes me wanna obtain one.