Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tumbling into disarray

I've started one of those tumblr blogs.

Yeah, I know. The guy who is always complaining about a lack of free time. The guy who has three blogs already. And a Twitter account. And is involved in Listia. And even back into ebay a little bit. This guy now has a tumblr blog.

But I do.

The address is It's also linked on the sidebar under "My Other Blogs."

The blog is called "Random Binder Page," and that's exactly what you'll see there if you choose to add yet another thing to look at on your blog roll. In fact, the page of '91 Score cards that you see here is the first entry.

That's what you can expect there. Nine cards in a binder page, all connected through some theme of my own choosing. The theme will be totally random.

For example, a couple I have ready to go at some point:

This is your Random Binder Page of nine 1991 Line Drive Players Who Made It.

This is your Random Binder Page of nine Light Standards Lurking on 2012 Heritage.

It'll be stuff like that.

So add it to your list, don't add it, whatever.

OK, now to the "why am I doing this?"

I'm a big believer in doing whatever in the hobby that makes you happy. I think I've said that enough. You don't have to stick with what you're doing forever just because you've done it forever. It's a hobby.

So, right now, what makes me happy in the hobby is stuff I can show off quickly and easily.

That's a little different for me because I've always produced involved and researched blog posts here at Night Owl Cards. Often twice a day.

But I haven't really been posting twice-a-day lately. Or over the last several months. Sometimes I have. Sometimes I haven't. And there are many more times lately when I think, "man, I've got a good idea for a post, but I've got to drag out all those cards and it'll take so much time and I've got this and this and THIS to do and, god, I just don't feel like it."

So, I don't.

So what's that mean?

Well, don't fret, I'm not going to disappear from Night Owl Cards. I'll stop the tumblr blog and Twitter and Listia and all that before I stop this blog. NOC is my baby. It stays or I go.

I'll see what happens with the tumblr thing -- I barely know how to work it now. Maybe I'll post for a couple weeks and then get bored. Maybe it'll stay for good. But I'll try to make sure it doesn't interfere with Night Owl Cards.

The now once-a-day -- OK, maybe one-and-a-half-a-day -- blog.


  1. I consider this imitation a sincere form of flattery...or something like that.

  2. I owe you some credit (probably dayf, too). If there is a spot to pay homage on tumblr (still don't know what I'm doing), you'll be on it.

    It'll be a lot more haphazard than what you have.

  3. MORE haphazard? Dear lord.
    Seriously, though, I look forward to seeing your pages.

  4. Ok, I plead ignorance. What is tumbler?

  5. Well, I'm a beginner, but it's basically a simplified blog. Better for posting pictures than anything else. Limited words in most cases.

  6. You have Matt Stairs and Rod Beck on the same page. That photo is full of sin.

  7. I like the Tumblr idea. Maybe I'll follow suit on day!