Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exercising my right to acquire free cards

Before I get to the festivities, I want to mention something:

I voted.


Now ...


SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

The only thing worse than political election garbage is how we become a nation of nagging mothers on this day.

Commence cards.

My tremendous 2012 Bowman Chrome Clayton Kershaw gold refractor arrived in the mail today. Although I prefer pretty colors like blue and red, I won't turn down gold, especially when it's numbered to /50.

Oooh. I sure do love this card so.

The best thing about it, of course, is that I obtained it for free. It's a card from the Listia website and probably the most exclusive card I've obtained from the site yet. It "cost" me the most credits that I've ever laid down so far on the site. I got it for 2,479 credits.

Like ebay, bidding on Listia is a little time-consuming, and I was engaged in a battle for this card on Halloween night, as the trick-or-treaters were coming to the door in waves. They had no idea I had much more important things to do than throw candy at them. So I kind of dropped the ball there for a 15-minute period on Halloween.

But nobody egged the house and the card was mine.

Another cool part is the card came with other cards. Completely unexpected.

Last year's Bowman Freddie Freeman. I've kind of decided he's an odd-looking individual.

A blue parallel 2011 Bowman of Robinson Cano # /500.

And some pointless Mickey Mantle Moments & Milestones thing that is # /29, which I guess will make some collector swoon somewhere.

The cool thing is I had no idea those cards would be arriving with Kershaw. And so I remain hooked on Listia for the time being.

I go to the site in spurts. Lately, I'm on a run, but it's not always that way.

I nabbed this 2010 Heritage insert a month or so ago, but I don't know why I even bid on it. I think I just hadn't won anything on the site for awhile, so I grabbed it. It actually came from Brian of Cardnomics, one of several bloggers on Listia.

Another example of "I don't know why this stuff is here."

I now have more than half of the 1967 Topps '66 World Series set, but remain conflicted over why I own the cards. I get mad when I see the front of these cards (even with the cool wood panel TV set motif). But then I turn it over and see a Dodger boxscore and everything's cool again.

I'm thinking of storing them back-side-up.

Sometimes I bid on a card lot, even though I need only one of the cards. It's only credits, not cash, so you can do things like that.

This was one of five Martinez cards I won. And, of course, you can't show 1996 Fleer Ultra without showing the back.

Weird, wild stuff.

I grabbed several 2004 Topps Traded Dodgers, knowing I needed some of them but unsure as to which ones. It turns out these were the two that I needed. Still three more to go.

Chrome Karim is the second-to-last '97 Chrome Dodger that I need. The last one is now on the Nebulous 9 list.

Finally, I obtained this '77 Topps cloth sticker of my favorite player. I believe it's the third one of these cards that I have, which means I should probably do one of two things with it:

1) Send it to Mr. Cey to get it signed
2) Actually stick it on something.

I'll make that a priority. It's now No. 143 on the list.

The reason I landed another cloth Cey is because he came with pals:

Cloth sticker Garvey and cloth sticker Sutton (now, don't fight, you two).

These two are the first of each that I've owned. I especially like the Garvey because it's missing the All-Star banner that appeared on his '77 base card.

All three of these cards came from former blogger JABO, who is piling up the credits on Listia, as he had a ton of these cloth stickers up for bid.

That's the other great part of Listia, which everyone's mentioned before. You can get rid of cards you don't want and get something for them, too. I've been semi-slow on this end of things, just because it involves shipping out cards and time and shipping costs.

But if it means getting more cards like the ones above, I'll keep doing it for as long as it's feasible.

But I'm not going to tell you to do the same.

I don't want to sound like a nagging mom.

There are way too many of them out there today.


  1. I thought I read at some point you gave up on Listia. Must have been someone else. Too bad because I saw an oddball Dodger that was listed without the team name, I thought I out to send that to Greg but he gave up on Listia.


  2. The Kershaw serial# is a palindrome. That triples the value to people like me.

  3. Must be nice to have cards of your favorite team you can use pop up on Listia. I've been in a major slump on there for a month now looking for O's cards.

  4. i like reading voting statistics almost as much as i like reading baseball statistics on the back of cards. i guess this makes me an official numbers geek.