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Define the design: more results

I keep forgetting to report the results from the most recent "Define the Design" post. I know everyone has been waiting by the keyboard in anticipation, so I'll get this done so you can move on with your lives.

Not a lot of time (again), so I'll go through it quick.

In the previous "define" post I brought up card sets from 1989 and 1990 Classic, 1990 and 1993 Leaf, 1992 and 1993 Pinnacle, 1995 Pacific and 2000 Pacific Revolution.

I named '93 Leaf, '93 Pinnacle and '95 Pacific already.

I also named 1990 Classic.

Several folks want me to name it after those ghastly pants from the early 1990s, Zubaz. Because of the colorful stripes.

I agree there are similarities, but I refuse to recognize that affront to fashion.

So I'm sticking with the "Saved By the Bell set." It's a much happier name from the same time period.

Football players' and weightlifters' inability to dress themselves is maddening. But you can't get mad at Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.

As for 1989 Classic, there still isn't a name for that. It's one of those generic sets that may not have a name. But I'm not giving up hope. One of these days, I'll lump together all the sets that were featured here that didn't end up with a name, and we'll try to name them again.

Moving on to 1990 Leaf, a so-called "premier" set.

I struggled to come up with a name here, speculating that the design in the left-bottom corner looked like the beginning of the James Bond gun barrel logo. Some agreed with that, but then I was reading a post by gcrl and he mentioned something that I can't believe I didn't realize.

Of course! It's the tail fin design. More specifically, the "Airplane Tail Fin Set."

Thanks, gcrl!

I thought this set would be unnameable. But that's why I throw these things out to the audience. A commenter called this the "VHS Cassette Set," and that seemed to work for a lot of people.

It's not an exact match, but '92 Pinnacle is definitely reminiscent of the rectangular boxiness of your long-departed VHS cassette.

Finally, there is 2000 Pacific Revolution. An absolute crazy design. But I should have looked more closely at the background. It's pretty obvious that Pacific was trying to recognize the new millenium with this set, with the fireworks and 2000s all over the place.

I think carlsonjok was the first person to mention "New Year's Eve Set." I'll take it a step farther and call it the "New Year's Eve Millenium Set."


I think that sums up Pacific Revolution quite nicely.

I believe I promised a card to those who named a set, so gcrl, carlsonjok and Brad Conrad can expect to receive a card (maybe two) for their contribution at some point. If you haven't traded with me before, please email me an address.

I'll get the new names all official-like in the Define the Design tab when I get a chance.

Thanks as always for playing.


arpsmith said…
I think those names work quite well, good job by all involved.
Nick said…
I've always loved '92 Pinnacle, but I think labeling it the "VHS Cassette Set" made me like it a bit more.
Roy-Z said…
I have a good one for 2010 Topps that I am getting around to posting.
JediJeff said…
Is that really the best name, or did you pick it because you wanted to post that Saved by the Bell pic.

Not complaining, mind you. I just raising a theory.
Brian said…
Seems to me the Revolution set should be New Millennium Eve's Set...just nitpicking.
90's Classic could be Cat Scratch Set.
Look like claw marks to me.