Saturday, October 20, 2012

Define the design: 89C, 90C, 90L, 93L, 92Pin, 93Pin, 94Pac, 00Pac(Rev)

I wish every set was as easy to name as the 1990 Classic baseball set. Not only is it easy to name but it has a name that describes its era perfectly.

That's what I want for every set -- to have a name that evokes a period in pop culture history. Cards produce memories, of a time, of a place, and a name for a set would help capture that period easily and forever.

But, unfortunately, most sets aren't as easily labeled as 1990 Classic.

With its wild, bright colors and its crazy, zig-zag, tiger patterns ...

... there is really only one name for this set.

The "Saved By the Bell" set.

I think almost everyone agrees with that. Even someone like me who was in his mid-20s when kiddies were watching Zack, Kelly, Screech and Mr. Belding.

Such an easy set to name.

Other Classic sets? Not so easy.

I don't know what to name the 1989 Classic set. "Silver-to-Magenta Gradiant Set"? It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

And that's the way it is for sets that are produced by the same brand. One is easy to define, while another is not.

The 1993 Leaf set is a no-brainer. Even though it's perhaps known as featuring one of the greatest card backs of all-time, its main identifying feature is the gold medal and blue ribbon -- items reserved for first place.

"The First-Place Set" it is.

But 1990 Leaf?

I have no idea.

The design in the left corner reminds me of the beginnings of the James Bond gun barrel logo. But I don't know if that's suitable. If you've got an idea, shout it out.

Maybe 1993 Pinnacle isn't the most "Define the Design" friendly set. It's got elements of a picture slide theme. However, I focus on the ellipsis after the player's name.

I call it "The Ellipsis Set." But I'm not committed to that name. I'm willing to listen to alternatives.

I'm definitely in need of suggestions for 1992 Pinnacle. I like this set a lot, but I have no idea what to call it. Lots of geometric shapes, lots of black ... I got nothing.

I've already decided that all the Pacific sets are going to have the word "gold" in their Define the Design name. Pacific was so fixated on the color during the '90s that it's an appropriate tribute.

In fact, there wasn't much to Pacific besides a photo and some sort of gold touch. So I'm calling the 1995 Pacific set, "The Gold Diamond Progression Set."

Simple. Easy. And about all you can do.

But what about THIS Pacific set:


2000 Pacific Revolution literally exploded into people's collections. That is definitely some sort of bomb going off there. I'm sure an art major could come up with a great definition as it looks like something I'd see hanging on an art gallery wall (don't get all proud of yourself Pacific -- that's not necessarily a good thing).

I'd love to find a name for this set. So if you've got one, don't hold out on me.

I might even send you a card.

Nothing as crazy as Pacific Revolution though.


  1. 92 Pinnacle makes me think of a VHS Tape with the black and rectangles

  2. I consider 90 classic to be the zubaz set. Although I would be willing to sit down with Kelly kapowski and talk about reconsidering.

  3. I'd call 2000 Pacific Revolution the New Years Eve Set, since it looks like fireworks and confetti.

  4. Wow, a Saved by the Bell reference and it's a great fit for that set. You must have younger siblings who watched it on Saturday mornings. At least that's the story I use to justify why I know every episode.

    I like the New Year's eve idea that was posted earlier. Nice work.

  5. Sounds like you already named the 2000 Pacific revolution.

    The "Golden Gah" set.

  6. 1990 classic's design reminds me of those really tacky vintage weightlifting pants.

  7. Wow... the 2000 Revolution design makes my brain hurt. I don't think I have a single card from that set sitting in my collection... and thank goodness for that.

    Pacific should have put warnings on their packs: Card design may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

  8. To me 90 Classic is the Vanilla Ice set.

  9. These are just off the top of my head.

    1992 Pinnacle- the Gillete Ad set. Have no idea why that design reminds me so much of this.

    2000 Pacific Revolution- The Golden Psychadelic Graffiti set.

    And I don't know if you caught it the last time, but 2013 Topps looks to me like "The Breast Pocket Set" But that one can wait a little while longer, I guess.

  10. Only thing I know about SBTB is Tiff Theissen. I'm too old.

    I'd call the Revolution the "Do not adjust your" set. Like they're having technical difficulties...

    Leaf could be the Cadillac tailfin design...

    I like the VHS idea for that Pinnacle set. They're so generic, it's hard to be creative.

  11. That pacific set is the psychedelic heart monitor set. The magenta classic is the color correction set. I also like VHS set for the pinnacle ones. The Bond set for the '90 leaf is inspired; I always thought that little thing in the corner looked like something and I could never quite figure out what. You nailed it. The Bond Gunshot set, perhaps?

  12. With each passing year I find more and more sets are being pushed from memory and given the generic name of "199* Not Topps"

  13. For me the '93 Leaf set, right because the card back, is the 'Godzzila Set'! They are going to take down all that historical buildings!