Saturday, March 16, 2013

Square pegs and PWE bombs

The trouble with trying to make a trade post more than a trade post is I always end up with leftover cards that don't fit into whatever topic I am addressing. They are square pegs (no, I never watched the show) that are significant on their own but are unable to conform to the latest discussion on this blog.

To go along with that, there have been an abundance of one-card plain white envelope packages arriving -- what folks are calling PWE bombs -- but it's difficult to write one-card posts all the time.

These are all items that are more than worthy of showing and I definitely don't want to ignore the fact that someone sent them to me.

So let's have a look at what has been messing up my card desk and undermining my 2013 mission to stay on top of card clutter. I'd recommend not clicking away to something else. There's some good and varied stuff here.

This is yet another card from Jaybarkerfan's Junk. It is my first relic card of former Dodgers shortstop Cesar Izturis. I don't really collect relics much anymore, but I still welcome them, especially if it's a player for which I have no relic. You know, in case I decide to sew them all together and make a frankenuniform.

This arrived from Tigers fan Don, with whom I've traded several times. This 1972 super-high number need (#775) of Night Owl Cards reader Jerry Reuss came in exchange for a 2013 Heritage insert. This is why I continue to buy current product off the shelf.

Here is a green parallel of former Dodger prospect Allen Webster that came from Robert of $30 A Week Habit, along with the '77 needs he sent. I now have green parallels of Webster from both his 2011 and 2012 Bowman Platinum issues. I just know that is going to become useful to me at some point.

This beauty is also from Robert. It's one of those atomic refractors from two years ago. I sure did love the first one I got. I also like how my current scanner treats these things. I assure you I can't make those pink, purple and blue panels show up no matter how frequently I tilt the card.

This is my latest Listia win. I outbid some Nomomaniacs for this 2003 Leaf insert. I'm not totally certain what insert it is-- a tribute to a past set I'm guessing -- but I know it's somewhat rare according to the back.

Not a lot to look at, but I like my serial numbers.

This arrived in a PWE today from Cards on Cards. It's a high number (or whatever they're calling them) from last year's Triple Play and I believe the last Dodger-related item from TP that I need.

Long before I received this card I debated whether it should go in the Dodger collection. Non-licensed cards always create this question. But since the back contains quotes from Kemp, it's going in with no reservations.

A terrible likeness, though. (Heh).

These also arrived in a PWE today from AdamE at Thoughts And Sox.

They are from the 1966 Topps rub-offs set and the perfect item to send in a PWE. This may or may not mean I have completed the Dodgers from this set. I don't have time to check. There are about 80 million college basketball tournaments going on, you know.

The last item I want to show isn't a card.

It arrived yesterday from Commishbob at The Five-Tool Collector.

Here it is:

I have been aware that Ron Cey cut a country single back in 1976 from the time I was a youngster. It is both a bit embarrassing and out-of-this-world fantastic that my all-time favorite player sang, as a lead singer, on a record.

I never really thought about grabbing a copy. Within the last couple of years I thought it'd be cool to have one, but I don't do much memorabilia collecting, so there was never a plan in place.

Cey, though, is the exception to the no-memorabilia rule. I love anything that I can find of him. And music by him? Well, that brought a smile to my face when I opened the package.

You'll be happy to know that my turntable is still operational and that I will indeed be playing this in the next few days.

And since none of you are invited inside my house to listen to that awkward playing session, you can just listen to it here.

The answer to all of the questions you now have is this:

"Yes, The Penguin is awesome to infinity."

"One Game At A Time" is actually Side 2 to the single. Side 1 is "Third Base Bag." I couldn't find that on youtube, but you can find it and play it here, along with more explanation about what Cey was doing exactly in a recording studio.

Nashville really missed out.

By the way, here is the back of the sleeve on the 45.

Thank you for all that great stuff everybody. It might not have fit into a blog post, but it sure fits in my collection.


  1. Never knew that Cey cut an album. Too bad there aren't any cards of him in the recording studio (that I know of). They'd be a perfect addition to my "musical" collection.

  2. With just a touch of that 70s disco feel. I can dig it!

  3. Cey has the opportunity to have a conversation with the man in the moon and he just wants to talk about himself?


  4. That Nomo? It is part of the Exhibits insert set. 50 cards in the checklist.

    From the Catalog

    Production 66 Sets
    Variations #'d to 63
    Variations #'d to 46
    Variations #'d 21 to 27

    I have no idea what that means.

  5. I didn't know what to expect when I hit the play button, but that Cey song was quite all right!!

    Great scan on the Ethier atomic by the way, glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Cool = 1966 Rub Offs
    Cooler = Nomo parallel
    Coolest = The Cey Record

  7. Cey's song reminds that around the same time, teenage prodogy jockey Steve Cauthen recorded a song. I remember the chorus tag: Win, place, or show.

  8. You have a turntable? And it works? Cool. That makes it even better.