Friday, March 8, 2013

I like 'em shiny, I like 'em moldy, but mostly I like 'em free

I had decided that I would no longer feature my Listia acquisitions on the blog. It's not that I suddenly have a problem with the site. It's just that I wonder how many people are interested in seeing 1990s cards of Dodgers.

"Look what I got" works if the card or the situation is something exceptional. And it's worth it, too, if it's a trade post. (Because no matter how many people turn callously away, I know that at least one person is interested).

But picking up some '90s card online? From someone no blog reader knows? It's really not necessary anymore. Anyone who is intrigued by Listia is already on there.

But then I looked at the cards that I got off the site recently and decided ... I GOT TO TELL SOMEBODY!!!!

You lucky, lucky people.

I will start with shiny and then gradually morph into moldy.

It'll be like seeing cards devolve right before your very eyes. Consider it a science experiment. I'll even sign a note for your teacher.

Here we go:

2011 Topps, Matt Kemp/Andre Ethier, L.A. Dodgers, liquorfractor

I went after this card with a vengeance. I actually announced on Twitter that if I didn't get this card I would bawl like a 3-year-old in the toy aisle. People became concerned for my welfare.

When I won the card, I was practically out of breath. I also won it at work, which I don't recommend doing. The heavy breathing attracts attention.

The card also took 20 days to get here, and I got pissy all over again.

But I'm OK now.

2007 Bowman Chrome Derek Lowe, xrefractor, 225/250

When I showed this card on Twitter, someone actually told me it was the ugliest card they've ever seen.

I don't know what they're talking about. It's positively shiny brilliance. Would you consider the sun ugly?

Consider this card as important as that life-sustaining force.

There are days that I actually do.

1998 Pacific Revolution Gary Sheffield

I hate it when amazing-looking cards pop up on this site and I have them already. But I practically jumped out of my chair when I saw this one. "HEY! I DON'T HAVE THAT CARD" I yelled to no one. It became mine easily. I don't know why. I guess not everyone likes super-sparkly cards with sideways writing and giant gold metallic spiders in the background.

1996 Fleer Team Wax Mike Piazza

This is a nice divider card between the Shiny and the Moldy. This is one of those Team Wax cards from '96 Fleer, which confuses the heck out of me. There's matte finish cards and glossy cards and, hey, let's throw this "team wax" thing we made up at collectors with some of the players in different poses. The more often they're wandering around in a stupor wondering what to collect the more they'll aimlessly spend money!

Was that the plan then? I wasn't collecting.

Also, it drove me nuts when Piazza couldn't get the helmet on his head properly.

1962 Post Ed Mathews

Hurtling ALL THE WAY into moldy. Here is a 1962 Post card of Ed Mathews. Yes, THAT Ed Mathews. I like to think I fended off a passel of Braves fans for this card.

In fact, I got this card for a certain Braves fan, but it turns out he has it already. So here it sits, waiting for another Braves fan to find me something suitably moldy in return.

Like, oh, say, a card like this:

1955 Topps Jim Hughes

Your eyeballs are correct. That's a 1955 Topps Jim Hughes, pleasingly miscut and corners freaklishly sharp for a mid-1950s card.

I indeed shelled out more credits for this card than any other card I've won on Listia. And it takes more credits to land cards on Listia these days, too.

But I don't care, because I won a 1955 card of a Brooklyn Dodger for free.

Yup, once again, all these cards were free.

My Listia involvement has been even more sporadic than usual. Like everything else, it's a time-suck and February and March are terrible times for frivolous behavior (I missed out on a very intriguing card just because I was so tired that I overslept -- stupid morning people and their early-hour expiration times).

But there are still moments like these.

And those are moments when I just have to tell somebody.


  1. If the Barves fans of the world can't use that Post Mathews, then perhaps one of the Post set-builders can. We've already got the "moldy" portion of our pending trade ('54 Bowman Roe for '58 Newcombe) done, but I might have some nonsense around here for you that'd cover it.

  2. There's vintage on Listia? I'll be back later.

  3. Very nice pickups! Can't beat a '55 Topps card of your favorite team for free.

    That '62 Post Eddie Mathews is a beauty.

    I actually won a few more Listia auctions recently, including one that knocked out a "Most Wanted" need off the sidebar of my blog. Still, I don't think any of those could beat what you got.

  4. '55 Jim Hughes FTW.

    That card up top? The one with the two hitting awards? Oh dear Jesus..... WTH?

  5. I've been dabbling on Listia myself. I've won a few cards, but don't have a ton of experience yet when it comes to valuing credits.

    Weirdly, I've mostly been bidding on cards I think that fellow bloggers would like, as opposed to anything for my own collection.

  6. "The more often they're wandering around in a stupor wondering what to collect the more they'll aimlessly spend money!"

    So they know? Damn.

  7. I'll try to come up with something moldy for you.... worst case, I'll mail you some yogurt.