Monday, March 18, 2013

Good thing that didn't get out

A few minutes ago I finished researching a topic for a blog post. I was going to publish it this morning and it was going to be pretty good.

I scanned all the appropriate cards and looked into the facts about each card and the individual pictured on each one. Then I did one final bit of research ... and the post fell apart.

The premise to my post was false.

It turns out the player that I thought was dead is actually alive.


So here I sit, with a modest amount of work wasted and nothing to post.

Fortunately, I have lots and lots of cards that people sent me, right?

Cards From The Quarry operator hiflew sent me yet another package recently. In that package were these two needs:

1999 Skybox Thunder is such a terrific set because you can make fun of it all day.

Unlike my aborted post, the good folks at Skybox didn't realize the error of their ways and actually went ahead and published their wrongness for everyone to read.

So, let's read:

On the Karros card:

"You're a lean, mean, hittin' machine at Chavez Ravine, and you're one of the best player we ever seen."

Ouch, ooch, good gosh, why, why, why???

And on the Sheffield card:

"What's up, Sheff? We love what you're servin' up for the Dodgers, and we're ready for a second helping."

Cut off that man's writing hand with a cleaver.

Moving on to less offensive fare, here are some 2003 Fleer DoubleHeader cards:

These are a tribute to a '50s set of old. You open up the card:

And Adrian Beltre is magically Shawn Green.

And if that's not odd enough, here is a regular Doubleheader Card of Shawn Green:

I can't imagine who was collecting this set. It seems appealing only to 9-year-olds from 1958 ... and to modern people like me that have to fill want lists.

So I guess I just answered my own question.

Hiflew also sent a bunch of football cards of players that I talked to a long time ago. I think this might take care of everybody that I needed.

Now I just have to get a binder. It's always that way. Always another binder ...

Anyway, those were some cards that weren't supposed to be here.

But they saved you from reading something that was totally untrue.

And saved me from total embarrassment.

Well, on here anyway. I'm sure I'll do something embarrassing in real life to make up for it.


  1. Was that Skybox set the reason why they don't make cards anymore?

  2. Wow, I've never gotten mentioned in a post because someone wasn't dead. Now I have two reasons to feel good, one I get mentioned in your post and two a nameless individual didn't pass away. Huzzah!