Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where all your dreams don't come true

A tale of Unrealistic Expectations. Overheard at the card show:

Mother and son approach dealer's table. Son appears to be about 10.

Mother: What kind of cards are you looking for?
Son: Autographs.
Mother: What kind of autographs?
Son: I don't know. Just autographs.

Son spots autographed Ken Griffey card.

Son (unrealistic expectation #1): Griffey!! Can I have that one?
Mother (unrealistic expectation #2): How much is the Griffey card?
Dealer (unrealistic expectation #3): You can have it for 100 dollars.

Mother stares at dealer blankly.

Son (unrealistic expectation #4): Mom ...
Mother: You're not getting a 100 dollar card.
Dealer (unrealistic expectation #5): Not today, huh? You been a good kid today?

And so we see our three disappointed heroes walk off into the sunset, cardless and cashless. At least one of them is a bit the wiser.

Full card show report tomorrow.


  1. Went to a card show today. Kid tried to get a creased George Brett rookie for 10 bucks. Dealer tried to explain to him how creases only decrease book value by 5% or some crap like that.

    I didn't even know what the hell he was talking about, and you think that kid did?

  2. I'm sad too, but that dealer from longlives comment should be kicked in the balls and have all his cards confiscated.

    Verification word: boloc

  3. Always listen to your parents, kids.

  4. Last weekend I was at the card show at the flea market - dealer convinced a kid that the Score Select Derek Jeter Rookie was extremely valuable because "they don't make Score anymore".