Monday, January 24, 2011

Awesomest night card, round 2, part 4

I'm still feeling some negativity from the voters concerning this card, but it continues to stay alive in the final stages of the Awesomest Night Card Tournament.

That's right, Carlton Fisk has shook, shook, shook his booty into the tourney semifinals.

Here is the breakdown:

1. 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Carlton Fisk: 21 votes
2. 1994 Upper Deck Johnny Vander Meer: 15 votes
3. 1975 Topps Game 5, 1974 World Series: 12 votes
4. 2009 Topps Kevin Youkilis: 3 votes

If you're paying attention, you have noticed that each of the three cards that advanced to the semifinals commemorated a specific moment in major league history.

If that trend holds, then one of the next four candidates for the final semifinal spot has already wrapped things up, as it's the only one of the four that recognizes a specific moment.

But that's for the voters to figure out. So here are the last four cards of round 2:

1. 1990 Score Nolan Ryan: This is the card that has the inside track on reaching the final four. It recognizes Ryan's 5,000th career strikeout, achieved in 1989. He struck out Rickey Henderson, who said "if he ain't struck you out, then you ain't nobody."

2. 2001 Upper Deck '70s Ozzie Smith: The brown-and-yellow Padres uniform is bound to draw some votes. It's technically a lousy photo, but nostalgia and critical thinking are mortal enemies.

3. 1978 Topps Rich Chiles: The oldest card of the four. This is also bound to get some votes. Night cards in the 1970s meant a player and a vast void of nothingness. That's what we have here.

4. 1992 Triple Play Wrigley Field: This is my favorite of the four. Night baseball at Wrigley really isn't so bad.

I'm ready to be done with this tournament, so hurry things along and vote on the poll in the sidebar. Then I can kick off the semifinals, the finals, and finally return to my growing backlog of night cards. They're getting very impatient.

Oh, and it was 29 below zero when I wrote this. But it's not like I wrote it outside or anything.


  1. This week is a tough one to predict. Ryan or Wrigley?? Both are baseball icons but I got to go with Wrigley just cause I like the picture best. This is going to be close though because of the multitude of Ranger and Cubs fans that are bloggers.

  2. Yeah, the fix is on. That Fisk card is truly nasty :D

    Not a Triple Play fan (or a Donruss fan), but I'm going with Wrigley. The photo is just too cool.

    I'm not anti-Rangers by any means but I'm a little Ryan'ed out. (The only thing worse than pitcher cards when I was growing up were manager cards and checklists.)

    Ozzie ... eh

    I actually love 1978 Topps, but that one doesn't do much for me.