Thursday, January 27, 2011

OPC loot (plus, how do Canadians get their chrome cards so flat?)

Remember when you received cards and that was enough? Remember when you weren't opening the package hoping that a blog post was contained therein?

Not to sound ungrateful -- I like all my card packages equally -- but it is terrific when I can turn a package into a post or two.

Pictures of Men has exceeded expectations though. This is now the third straight post involving cards from POM. Call the record-breaking people.

This post has to do with where POM originates. Its headquarters are in the proud province of Ontario, Canada. Having lived near the Canadian border more than half my life -- residing near Maple Leafs territory first and then Senators territory -- I'm somewhat familiar with how things operate there and have had very enjoyable times in Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston (not so much in Cornwall).

But I still get confused by the O-Pee-Chee.

I just can't condition myself to thinking the card I'm looking at may not be what it seems.

For 1988 cards, OPC helps you out. By putting its logo on the front, it's telling you "this isn't just an '88 Topps card to add to the pile of 80 million. This is OPC, baby!"

If you're extra-dense, OPC will go the extra mile and add a "Now with ..." reminder. That will certainly get your card-collecting senses all tingly.

But then there is the early OPC, where the front looks exactly like the front of a Topps card. Sometimes the make-up of the cardboard will tip you off that it's not Topps, but other times it feels just like a Topps card.

As usual, I thought this was a Topps card, and I thought, "Sweet, a '72 Topps! Unfortunately, I have it already."

Oh, no I di'int.

There are "lanceurs" all over the place! And it makes me so happy. A 1972 OPC is a thing to behold.

Dennis also provided some more modern OPC cards, from that set of a couple years ago that I'm close to completing.

He sent me several cards off the wants, including this card of Meche, who just retired. A very interesting story on Meche appeared in the New York Times the other day. Thanks to grogg for tipping me off to it. I wouldn't have known about it without Twitter.

And here's more quirkiness from OPC: Zambrano gets a "moment" because he pitched two scoreless innings in the '08 All-Star Game. If Upper Deck was making a sarcastic comment on the fairly recent habit of taking out a pitcher after an inning during the All-Star Game, then I'd be thrilled with this card ... in fact, I'm just going to tell myself that's what they did and be happy.

The rest of the cards have nothing to do with OPC. But somehow they came from Canada anyway (I kid, because I live so close!)

This card says Eric Karros played for the Cubs. Lies.

A 2000 SPx goldilocks card. Upper Deck was still clinging to the '90s fad of squishing ballplayers' heads.

I've received a rash of packages containing 2009 First Edition needs. Very relieved. I thought I'd never get these cards because no one bought them.

Two variation cards from two products that are no longer. I don't/won't miss either of them. The top card has a Polar Bear back and the bottom card is the mini. Mehs all around.

This is fun though. This is the last of the Bowman Topps 100 Dodgers that I needed. I love this whole set. Not enough to collect it though.

DeJesus is still trying to break through. With Chin-Lung Hu gone, it looks a little brighter for DeJesus. But Furcal is still around for another year, and the Dodgers' top prospect, Dee Gordon, plays short.

Oooooh, shiny refractorness of John Ely. Every time I get a card like this, I stop and stare as stars twinkle overhead. Really, it happens. My life is way more interesting than yours.

McGriff sure has a lot of Dodgers cards for barely playing for them.

Final item. I saved this for last, not because it's a great photo of Ebbets Field or because it's an orange refractor.

I saved it for last because the card is as flat as filo dough. I'm serious. There isn't a hint of bowing at all in the card. I was stunned.

Should I get all my chrome cards from Canada?

Thanks, for a third time, for the cards, Dennis. I'm finally getting something out the door to you very soon.


  1. i love love love O-Pee-Chee Baseball cards! Great Mail Day indeed.

  2. So glad you were able to get some Blog Kilometers...I mean, Blog Mileage out of the package. Here in the land of the Maple, we like our Chrome flat & our uhh, last more than an inning? It was fun to send you these things!

  3. If only there were a site dedicated to the awesomeness that is the o-pee-chee variant. Oh wait, there is!
    Thanks for showing that karros card. I need to track it down.

  4. The dodger orange refractor confuses me. I thought they only made them for cards that were in the Chrome set, and only players were in the chrome set. Hmmm...

  5. I do believe you're on to something, Jon.

    A second look at the card tells me it's not a Chrome card at all, and it's numbered on the back. It must be an orange parallel (which I've never seen before).

    That explains the flatness. I knew it was too good to be true for chrome.

  6. Ah, it may actually be the red bordered parallel from the 10 card packs found only in factory sets. I believe those are /399

    That makes much more sense if true. I've been anxiously awaiting a cheap copy of Marmol and Dempster to show up on ebay for a while now - to no avail.