Saturday, August 1, 2015

The legend grows

Of all the many series that I have on this blog, there have been few that have connected like the Legends of Cardboard series.

I still don't know why that is. The topic is interesting to me, but that doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of posts on here that are interesting to me that were probably read by two people. So it must be something more, whatever that is.

All I know is that the Legends of Cardboard posts receive an extraordinary number of clicks. And when a new one is posted, that causes previous Legends of Cardboard posts to increase their readership. It's like the old days when a group would put out a new record album. That would generate new interest for its older albums.

A new indication of the impact of Legend of Cardboard is that it has landed me some cards.

I wasn't expecting any new cards of recent Legend of Cardboard subject Alex Cole, but Bo from Baseball Cards Come To Life was there for me with a nice selection of Goggles ... I mean, Coles.

Take a look:

That isn't even all of them.

I'm particularly happy about the 1995 Collector's Choice in the middle. That's one of the Coles I specifically pointed out as desiring in the original post.

As some of you longtime readers may remember, I've been threatening for awhile (i.e.: years) to do an updated Best Glasses in the History of Baseball Cards post, and Alex Cole is an excellent candidate. He's assured of making that list, whenever I get around to it.

Bo also sent this non-Alex Cole Alex Cole:

This is an uncorrected error card that I didn't know about because '91 Stadium Club completely avoided my neighborhood that year. I have no idea how SC mixed up two so very distinctive-looking individuals like Alex Cole and Otis Nixon, but it makes for one of the most amusing error cards that I've seen.

At least they got the back right. GOGGLES!

Also, there were also some needed Dodgers in the package:

And some Dodger prospects apparently jinxed by Baseball America:

It's good to know that other collectors appreciate players who may not have had the most notable careers but still had some great cards, and that's what the Legends of Cardboard series is all about.

I have at least three or four Legends of Cardboard topics in mind for future posts, and I hope there are many other subjects to follow.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Glad you enjoyed them! Any common card guy from the early-to-mid-90's I have a ton of dupes of now, so easy to put something like this together.

  2. That 1990 Fleer Cole was pretty prominent back then.