Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who will hand me my crown?

Several bloggers recently received what turned out to be "farewell" packages from our buddy Jaybarkerfan (I still don't know what that means).

Wes said that he's stepping away from his blog, but still plans to bestow surprise cards on people, which is really his forte anyway. But I know him for something else. He's the guy who crowned me "Blog of the Year" the last three years.

Not that I expect it or anything -- I'm taking a much cavalier approach to blogging than in previous years -- but who's going to hand me crown No. 4? How am I supposed to brag and boast and do touchdown dances at the deli counter like Ickey Woods?

There is serious gloating left to be done. I don't think Wes thought this through.

But I will take my mind off of that fact by opening my own farewell package from Wes. As usual, I don't know how he's sending out all these cards -- didn't he just send me one of these?

I'm starting with the best one first. I repeatedly mention how '80s needs are the most frustrating because I SHOULD HAVE THEM ALL ALREADY.

This '86 Fleer All-Star card of my favorite player in the '80s was one of the most elusive. Now it's not. And if only players created large, cartoonish stars when they connected at the plate.

Brad Penny looks positively skinny in this photo. How'd Donruss do dat?

I believe relic cards started somewhere in the late 1990s and by 2002 the only bats available were from pitchers.

I did not know that there were silver signature parallels on Upper Deck Fun Pack cards and don't anybody tell me how prevalent this was.

Every current Sandy card (this is a mini) is a reminder that I need to do a better job of acquiring Koufax vintage. I think that will be a project for 2015.

It's my first Eric Riggs autograph. This would've been pretty cool around 2002, except I didn't collect then, or even know who Eric Riggs was.

I love these. Didn't know they came blue-bordered. Or maybe this is just the way they look and I'm paralleled out.

Here is a blast from the past. Remember these guys? Remember lame titles like "Teammate Timelines"? Remember Upper Deck?

I shall end with a numbered item of the guy who's already gobbling up offseason awards because he's the greatest pitcher there is especially considering how sucky the Dodgers bullpen is.

Also, everyone is now realizing that Jaybarkerfan is actually the Hamburglar according to this card that he inserted in each package (signed with the same silver marker as the Piazza card ... hmmmmmmm).

So this makes me think that he's stealing hamburgers and then selling them for cards which he then gives away?

That's pretty cool. Kind of like a hamburger/baseball card Robin Hood.

Good luck in your non-blogging endeavors, Wes.

Perhaps you could send that Blog of the Year crown in the mail, too.


  1. As the reigning top dog of all collector blogs I believe that you should host the voting for the 'Blog of the Year' awards.

  2. Love the custom card of his. When I originally saw it, I was wondering what 2/98 meant on my card. But after seeing yours, I guess we hold limited edition cards of the most generous (former) blogger I've ever had the pleasure of trading with.

  3. Jay Barker was a quarterback for the University of Alabama, for whatever that's worth

  4. I'm sad now. You're still blogger of the year though.