Monday, March 9, 2015

While waiting for Heritage

I took another trip to a big box store today in quest of 2015 Heritage. There was no Heritage at Target.

On Saturday night -- actually early Sunday morning -- I took a trip to Walmart in quest of 2015 Heritage. None there either.

And there was an earlier trip to Target last week in search of 2015 Heritage. No luck then.

So while you've seen 2015 Heritage on various blogs and especially on Twitter, just know that there are a lot of us who are still waiting for the flipping stuff to show up. Isn't Topps located in the Northeast? Don't I live in the Northeast? Is it that hard?

Apparently so. But anyway, the reason I want to see some new Heritage isn't because I'm looking forward to the set -- the 1966 look does nothing for me, and you already know how I feel about the short-prints. It's because it's March and blog ideas during this month are always scarce. I'm too busy to tackle something involved, so I need something easy, like a pack break of new product, to offer something interesting.

Instead of ... oh, I don't know ... a trade post.

Hey, did I tell you about some cards that Baseball Dad sent me recently?

There was the Nomo bluer-than-blue card at the top of the post, but I'm going to have to consult my '90s handbook to find out exactly what it is.

There were two more Jackie Robinson Story cards for my collection. These are the Target exclusives in 2015 Topps. I now have seven of the 10 cards in the set. Still looking for #JR-3, 4 and 5.

There were two Nebulous 9 needs. Both of these are common-variety 2014 cards. Nothing short-printed about them. My collecting of 2014 products is a sad, sad story of uncaring and indifference.

There was another Matt Kemp farewell card. It's purple and pretty, but good luck getting a pretty card of Kemp in his new uniform.

There was a silver parallel of the retail insert in 2015 Topps. Nice concept, nice choice of showing players with the team they were on when they hit the home run. Ugly design and ridiculous decision to parallel them.

Speaking of Piazza, Baseball Dad sent one non-card item:

It's a little stand-up (or should I say "squat-up") figure of Piazza.

Look, there he is squatting in front of my two new wallet cards. If you look very close you can see a hefty north-south crease in the Lopes card.

And here is an outtake I found of Piazza performing during his rarely seen 1996 TV variety show, "Thank Piazza, It's Spring!" It aired only in Bulgaria and Greece, I believe.

Look, Piazza is dancing so vigorously, he lost his cap.

Anyway, this is the kind of stuff I'm reduced to WHEN I HAVE TO STARE AT OTHER PEOPLE OPENING HERITAGE FOR A WEEK!

I hope for everyone's sake that Heritage finally figures out where New York is in the next few days.


  1. My local wal*mart doesn't have Heritage yet either. We shall see if Heritage flows north to south or south to north I guess.

  2. Must be south to north. Mine had 3 blasters left on Saturday.

  3. There's a sitcom in there somewhere....Mike and the Bunnymen?

  4. Glad you liked the little guy ! I won't tell tell you Sandusky, Oh has Heritage in Walmart, Target and Meijers......opps !

  5. YESSSSS HEADLINERS! Those things are the best.

  6. I don't live in the hinterlands of upstate NT like you do, but I haven't seen Heritage yet either. Of course, I have only been to Target once last week, but still. Don't take it so personally, Topps retail distribution is hit or miss at best and absolute crap at worst.

    And I love squatty Mike. I need a squatty Mike. I am going to the ebay machine right now to look for Squatty Mike.

  7. No Heritage in nether reaches of SW Arkansas either. Maybe we will get it in in time for spring break next weekend.

  8. I've yet to see Heritage in two different Wallyworlds and two different Bullseyes.

  9. Finally saw some Heritage at my local Target on Saturday... but I spent too much money @ the card show and flea markets this weekend :(

  10. Our Target had Heritage on the day of its actual release, but Wal-Mart has none and I don't think they ever will. Here in Eastern North Carolina, nobody follows baseball (they might give a passing nod to the local college team). Its all Nascar, football and basketball. And I think Wal-Mart is tired of marking down blasters of unsold baseball products. But, hey, if you're a fly-by-night printing Nascar, football and basketball cards in your basement, give them a call. That they can sell.

  11. My local Target here in the Hudson Valley NY has been known to not put things out for a few MONTHS. Occasionally even the NPN has already expired before they stock the shelves. (This is Billy Kingsley on my mom's computer)