Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Here comes the 2015 Topps!

When I announced that I was going to try to complete the 2015 Topps set I could hear the sound of fellow collectors breathing a sigh of relief. Or maybe they were applauding.

"Finally," they said, "something I can send him. No more searching for some obscure Dodger oddball or a card from a 45-year-old set."

I hadn't collected a Topps base set since 2010 and I knew this was going to happen. The 2015 cards would show up soon and in droves.

And here they are.

Three fellow bloggers sent me 2015 Topps and their packages arrived all within a matter of days of each other. When you are deluged with cards from the same series, there is bound to be some overlap, and I got curious: Would all three bloggers send me the same card?

Let's see:

The first person to send me cards was Kerry from Cards on Cards.

This is what he sent:

That's a whole bunch of arms cocked and faces grimaced.

I enjoyed crossing off numbers with this lot, but now it's time to root for duplicates. The name of the game is getting the same card from all three collectors.

Shane from Shoebox Legends is up next.

He sent a relative few 2015 Topps, making the objective to this game much more difficult. But I have confidence.

Here are the cards he sent:

OK, now, do you see any repeated cards? This is a little like the memory game, except that you can cheat and just scroll up to the previous cards.

It might be a little difficult to see the double check marks, but all eight of the cards are duplicates! Maybe not what Shane was hoping for, but the chances are now great that I received at least one card in all three packages and I can make some lame comment on Topps collation!

It's all up to the Junior Junkie, whose package of 2015 Topps arrived last.

Let's see if he has any duplicates for me:

Do you see any cards that were in all three packages?

I do.

Congratulations to Domonic Brown, Tony Cingrani and Lonnie Chisenhall. You were the only three cards in all three packages!

That's a little surprising. I expected more duplicates than that.

But, of course, the real exercise here was getting closer to finishing the set.

Thanks to those packages I am this much closer:

2015 TOPPS
#5, #7, #9, #19, #25, #34, #37, #84, #108, #120, #132, #141, #143, #165, #168, #169, #177, #180, #194, #197, #219, #228, #255, #262, #265, #268, #269, #270, #282, #289, #296, #298, #320

That's what I need. Not a Domonic, Cingrani or Chisenhall to be found.

Both Cards On Cards and Shoebox Legends sent some non-2015 Topps, too (never fear, Shoebox, you fared much much better in this category). But I'm saving those for another post because each of them did something with their packaging that was interesting.

Or at least I thought it was interesting.

Then again, I thought this post was interesting.


  1. Personally, I think we should make Night Owl a super Chisenhall collector and see how many we can send him.

    1. What a great idea! I've got so many damn Chisenhalls from 2013 to contribute...

  2. Hah, strikeout! I had a feeling when I saw the title of the post and clicked on the link, before the page even loaded. I've added some doubles since, let me look over your new list and maybe I can get beat out again in PWE form ;)

  3. Someone tell Night Owl there is no #7 ....

    1. I am now leaving it there to protest Topps idiocy.

  4. You should mention in passing that you're considering putting together the T-206 or 1934 Goudey Set.

  5. Wait, there's a dude in the checklist named Buck Farmer? Seriously?