Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why didn't I think of that?

OK, it's been one heck of a busy day with major work and family goings-on all over the place, so let's take a look at the remainder of two of the card packages that I mentioned last night.

Each of them featured something interesting that I think I'm going to start doing.

First the non-2015 Topps from Kerry from Cards On Cards.

This is a four-year-old shiny Kershaw that I didn't have. You don't know how much I appreciate getting Kershaw cards I don't have from years ago. It's as if I beat time itself. See, stupid clock? You may speed by so fast that I don't know what day it is anymore, but I got a parallel from a four-year-old set that nobody bought! HA! Us card collectors remember everything.

Da future. You can tell because of all the metal, robot machine imagery in the background. Julio Urias better get on the mound quick before the robot pitchers that can throw 300 mph take over. P.S.: This card is mini, mini and shiny, shiny.

I am to be congratulated for receiving a card containing event-worn memorabilia from Dee Gordon's All-Star Game workout jersey. How I dreamed of this day.

But honestly, the red swatch is carrying this whole card. I will stare at it mournfully while Gordon is enjoying a 6-stolen base day against the Dodgers this year.

All right, now for the extra items packaged with cards from my wants:

I do not collect the Cardinals, nor the Braves, nor Bowman Heritage, nor SP Authentic nor basketball. Yet, I got a kick out of receiving these cards because they are cards I don't have.

This is different than getting '91 Donruss as packing material. These are cards that aren't valuable but also not seen every day. Why not make your cardboard extras work for you by using packing material that a fellow collector might actually want for their collection.

Stadium Club is cool. The SP cards are snazzy. I'm a collector but also an accumulator, I'll appreciate these. (OK, the basketball card is going in the non-baseball box in the basement but at least I know who Wayman Tisdale was).

OK, on to the cards from Shane at Shoebox Legends. He sent some good stuff, too.

There's a Bowman Heritage shiny parallel that doesn't work well with an old-timey tribute set at all. I remember seeing one of these for the first time and "what the hell am I looking at" played in my head for at least 20 minutes.

This parallel is more like it. The '92 Leaf parallels are one of the best parallel sets ever made. You didn't think anything good could come out of 1992, did you? (Yeah, I know, Pinnacle).

'90s collectors love sets that I don't get at all. But 1995 Flair is one that I can appreciate. It's fancy without looking like it was made to be collected by Miami drug lords.

There's Dee again. One of the few orange parallels from last year that I've seen in person. Great card, too. I bet the pink parallel is a little difficult to snag.

I think I might have this card, but I scanned it because the Members' Choice letters look like a light streak. I love stuff that lights up.

I've gone from thinking these inserts are dorky to being mildly amused. Mildly.

This 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack fold out is terrific. Inside is a hologram of Piazza and Salmon.

However, it came folded in the incorrect manner.

That is more appropriate. And how it will appear in the binder.

Lastly, Shane sent some needed Jackies. It could have been years before I thought to snag the Heritage American Heroes Robinson.

Shane also sent some packing material that came in card form:

I know I need at least two of those 2008 Topps.

Stuff like this is great fun for collectors like me who focus specifically on collecting certain sets, but also keep their eyes on a wide variety of other sets in the event we come close enough to completing it that we feel obligated to throw up a want list.

That doesn't mean you'll see '08 Topps on a want list in, oh, at least the next decade. You saw where it landed in the countdown.

Meanwhile, I know the random card thing has been a regular part of ebay packages for years but it hasn't popped up much (again not including junk wax singles) in blogger packages until lately.
I like the idea so much, I think I'm going to start doing that.

Nothing from '91, I promise.

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