Thursday, May 23, 2013

The post office hiatus continues

I did a little budget update today, and I realized that I'm not going to return to my regular pace of sending out packages as early as I'd hoped.

Sorry to report that it will be yet another week of shipping nothing. I feel terrible about this. I have stacks ready to send people. I have mailing equipment standing by.

I thought it would be the right thing to do to actually sit down and finalize a list of all the folks who need packages from me. So after hurling a few well-placed curses at the bills in the inbox, I confined myself to my room and came up with a tally.

Here are the folks who will get packages from me first when I deem myself financially capable of doing so. I haven't forgotten about you:

All Trade Bait All The Time
David, the Pirates fan
The Dutch Card Guy
Jake Plumstead
Cards On Cards
2 By 3 Heroes
Starting Nine
Cardboard Heaven
Jeff, the Angels fan
Tops Of The Topps
Tim Wallach
Dime Boxes
This Way To The Clubhouse
Scott Crawford on CardsLife and Baseball Cards
Cardboard Collections
Funner Here
The Angels, In Order
The Underdog Card Collector
Hot Corner Cards
Nolan's Dugout (you thought I forgot about your email, didn't you? Nope. Just poor)
mr. haverkamp

I think that's it. Actually, I think I've probably missed a couple. Just let me get some packages out to the above folks and then I'll deal with who's missing.

Obviously, when I can get back to sending cards all of the above aren't going to get their packages all at once. I'd be banned from the post office if I showed up with 22 packages. But it feels good to at least be on that list, right?

Anyway, I can't just show lists here. I've got to show some cards. Here is a PWE from Pat at Hot Corner Cards.

In it was my first 2013 Bowman Dodger, Adrian Gonzalez -- I told you I wasn't buying any cards lately.

He also sent me another Bowman Dodger:

Yup, it's Gonzalez again. Still following that titanic blast. Let's have more of those, A-Gone.

There was another card sitting between the two Gonzalez cards. Kind of hiding. Like it didn't consider itself worthy among all the fresh, new Bowman.

But it's plenty worthy:

I really need to get back to the post office.


  1. The p.o. isn't going to be mad at you. I hear they're going broke. Why else the insane international postal rate increases, although price increases are a great way to drive away business such as mine?

  2. Hey, it's all gravy, so feel free to postpone mine as long as you'd like/need. It will be tons of fun whether it comes next week, next month, or next Fall. It's all good. Plus that gives me some time to figure out what I've got and what I can get to you.

  3. Hey, you don't have to send me anything! I consider you're daily posts as trade.

  4. Too late. I got ya something. ;)

  5. I can hardly keep up with 2-3 trades a week.. now thats impressive!

  6. The stack is set aside with your name. No hurry. It's not going anywhere.