Thursday, October 25, 2012

C.A.: 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Erin Andrews

(Some words of wisdom straight from a 13-year-old girl's diary: "Mean people suck." Indeed they do. So forget about them and let the cardboard wash over you. It's time for Cardboard Appreciation. This is the 163rd in a series):

Erin Andrews covering the World Series is like my dream come true. A super-hot TV reporter covering the pinnacle of my favorite sport? That's a true dream scenario. Unfortunately, I know it's not a dream because the Giants are in the World Series.

But that aside, it's great to finally have Andrews working a sport I actually watch, rather than all that college nonsense that she's dealt with all these years.

I admire Andrews greatly, and not in the skeevy, lecherous, black socks-with-white sneakers way. I admire her because she deals with an incredible amount of god-forsaken shit from absolutely useless people for the sake of her job. She's dedicated to her job. She works hard at her job. And she treats her job with sincerity and good spirit, which isn't easy to do when you have someone constantly yelling 18 feet away from you, "HEY ERIN! ERIN!!! WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME? COME ON! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! ERIN!! HEY ERIN!!! I SAW YOUR PICTURES!"

I've seen what gets posted on her Twitter page, and some of it is absolute trash from subhumans. I know if I was her and that visible, there's no way I'd have a Twitter page. But she does. And she's relentlessly upbeat about it, and gosh darn it, I love her for it.

As someone who knows what it takes to track down players and coaches for on-the-spot interviews, I am fully aware of how difficult it can be. To be able to do that on camera with every slip-up on display, with droolers in the stands calling you names, with online dopes critiquing your every utterance, to do it in the pouring rain in front of thousands of fans and millions of viewers, well that impresses me.

I don't care if other journalists marginalize her as "a sideline reporter." A "pretty face to entice the jocks to talk." No, it's not hard-hitting journalism. But there's a purpose there, and I don't want anyone else doing that job but her.

As you know, I have this goofy little thing called the "Allen and Ginter Babe of the Year." This year, Andrews lost out to Kate Upton, much to a handful of collectors' consternation.

I chose Upton because Upton is an absolute goddess on whatever scale on which you measure that stuff. Andrews is not on that level. But that's not a bad thing.

Andrews is definitely cute. In many ways. She works out. Wears fantastic clothes. Has fantastic hair. Has one of the most darling voices I have ever heard. And an adorable personality.

To wit:

There is a reason she is on TV.

But beyond all that, the more I see her on Twitter, the more I see her in the World Series, the more respect I have for her.

All that junk she deals with -- and yeah, I'm sure she gets a lot of perks, too -- and you can't crush her spirit. At least not in public anyway.

She may not ask the most intriguing questions or extract deep thoughts from her interview subjects. But this is sports here. TV sports at that. It's not the presidential debates.

Sports are supposed to be fun.

Fun done well.

Andrews does fun well.

And she doesn't let the wastes of life get her down.

Good for her.

Upton may be Allen and Ginter Babe of the Year.

But Andrews is Allen and Ginter Marry Me Babe of the Year.

(Yes, dear, I am aware that I am already married).


  1. Well, I work out, I wear fantastic clothes (Orioles t-shirts a re fantastic, right?) I have fantastic hair (what little of it is left is fantastic) , my darling voice got my disc jockey jobs after college, and I definitely have an adorable personality. But like Erin, I'm off limits to you. ;-)

  2. So if you ever find a card that shows Erin Andrews interviewing Clayton Kershaw (at night) that's in the style of the 1975 Topps Mini set that it would be the singular greatest card of all-time?

  3. If I found that card, I might retire from collecting.

  4. Night Owl,

    I hope you enjoyed the post from Mr. H. as much as I did. Well crafted.

  5. Erin Andrews IN a baseball dugout...nice. I think a Ginter Babe of the Year recount/revote might be needed.