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Define the design: the results

Does anyone else feel as if it might as well be Monday already? Got to love moving the clocks ahead in the middle of March. You go out for an event Saturday night and suddenly it's Monday. In March. Packed full of work.

Have I bitched about this before?

I have. Moving on.

The latest "Define the Design" results are in. I don't know how successful we were. Some of the cards got names. Some still don't. A quick review because there's no time to do anything today:

2010 Upper Deck: Still stumped by this set. Perhaps it's so underwhelming that it doesn't deserve a name. For now, I'm taking jacob mrley's name "The Incognito Set." It's along the lines of "The Fugitive Set," which I also like but doesn't quite describe what Upper Deck did accurately. Incognito works better. And I think what UD did in 2010 is more significant than the design that year.

2009 Upper Deck: Not a lot of guesses on this one. I'm going to simplify my original suggestion and merely call this one "The Rectangle Set." There are rectangles all over the place and the card itself is a rectangle, so there you go.

2008 Upper Deck: Again, few guesses. I'm staying with my original suggestion, "The Foil Minimalism Set, Part 2"

2007 Upper Deck: As much as I like "The Claustrophobic Set," and "The Trash Compactor Set," I think "The Elevator Doors Set" is the most descriptive and easiest to read. "The Elevator Doors Set" it is.

1991 Bowman: I think hiflew said it best. It's "The Purple Slide Rule Set." I am impressed that anyone was able to find something descriptive in early Bowman.

1996, 1995, 1994 Score: Staying with the names I picked: "The Torn Photo Set," The Dirt Bike Tire Tread Set," and the "Midnight Blue Border Set."

1975 Topps: Sadly, this set still doesn't have a name. Kevin made me look at the set in a different way. I never realized that the photo frame did have a Viewmaster look to it. That made me think of the old slides that were popular in the '60s and '70s. We may be on to something there, but I don't think the right name has popped up yet.

1959 Topps: Lots of good names for this set. I think the circle frame is critical to the name of this set. "The Knothole Set," is instantly recognizable so that's what it will be named, although I was hoping for something jazzier to define the time. "Rear Window Set" is cool, too, but Knothole is so immediate with a lot of collectors.

So there you are. Some named, some not. Feel free to continue suggesting names. Meanwhile, I'll update the Define the Design tab with the others.

I think I owe a few people some cards for the names. I just sent some to jacob mrley and hiflew has a stack that needs to grow a little. I think carlsonjok can expect some cards for the knothole name. Also, John Bateman, send me an email with what you collect. I'll see if I can find something.

Thanks as always for playing.

OK, it's probably time to go to sleep already.


John Bateman said…
Wasn't there a television show that began with the credits of the actor's pictures in a circle. Not like the square box Brady Bunch opening.

The 1975 set has something to do with Drugs, or Jimmy Hendrix - the pyschodelic set.
hiflew said…
Woohoo. That makes two sets that I have been clever (read: lucky) enough to name.

I like the psychedelic rainbow set for 75.

My only issue is with the Knothole set. To me a knothole isn't a perfect circle it's more jagged edged. I think Rear Window fits a lot more with the circle and the time period especially with the close up view that you wouldn't likely get with a knothole.
Potch said…
I'm partial to "Rear Window Set" as well. I'm probably biased though since that was my contribution :)
As you know, I've been away, but I think "Porthole" when I see the '59 set. Maybe it's my Navy background, but then again, we didn't have portholes on subs.
MJ said…
How about the "Sniper Set" for the '59s.