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Nothing in common

 Do you ever stare at some recent card arrivals and think that they have absolutely nothing in common enough to write a post about them and then think, 'nah, I'll come up with something."

They sit on your desk day after day waiting for the light bulb to go off.

You think you might have the glint of an idea so that keeps you going for a few more days. Then you forget about it because life says, "you think coming up with a post idea is hard, THIS is hard" and then that shelves any thought there was about these uncommon cards.*

Cards are so varied and come from so many different eras and my interests are somewhat eclectic but maybe there's an idea there? Something about variety and who wants the same old super-shiny, super-prizmy card over and over? Something that I haven't written about before?

But I come up with nothing.


I do feel bad about this. Ideally, for the cards that arrive from a fellow collector, I'd devote a whole post to just that send. This used to be a rule. But that eventually went by the wayside. It's too difficult to do every time.

Sometimes the ideas just don't fall out. 

Not even a guy named "Beeter" can get the brain going. That's kind of sad.***

I tried one more time today to find a common thread among the cards waiting on my desk. I actually stood there for 7 or 8 minutes, staring, staring, waiting for inspiration to come.


So here they all are, together in one post. Each distinct in their own way but nothing like each other.****

The only thing they have in common is they are now all in my collection. They are owned by me.

But that's the best thing for cards to have in common.
* - The Mike Piazzas are from Matthew Glidden of The Number 5 Type Collection. They are Japanese phone cards from the '90s. They are much slimmer than the U.S. ones that I'm used to seeing.
** - The MSA Ron Cey disc is the latest variation to land in my collection. It's the exceedingly dull "blank back" version. Mostly what's left are more difficult to get but I have my eye on a couple.
*** - The Clayton Beeter autograph is from Zippy Zappy. He was concerned when I mentioned that I'm ridding my binder collection of Dodger prospects who never made an MLB dent. Beeter is not with the Dodgers anymore but he could still potentially make the majors, so there's hope for his cards -- though there is no sign of a Dodger uniform here.

**** - Another logo-less card but part of a set chase. Ray Sadecki's high number card gets me down to the final six cards to finish the 1970 Topps set. If I stopped chasing all those other cards and sets I could get this done sooner. But you know how I am.


bryan was here said…
Nothing In Common is a very underrated 80's movie. Watched it on VHS (!) a few months ago for the first time in a long, long time and it hit different this time around.

Those Mike Piazza phone cards are pretty neat, I almost forgot about phone cards being a thing some thirty years ago. That happened during my collecting sabbatical in the mid 90s.
Matt said…
I have too many mail days like this and struggle to post the cards because my creativity can sometimes lack. If its not perfect, I won't hit publish
Old Cards said…
The Sadecki card is kind of bland, but still a good card to have. I would like to see you quit chasing those other cards and sets and finish off those last 6 cards, but that's me. Good luck on getting those last ones.
Michael D said…
Did you used to write for the Seinfeld show? You are the only guy I know who could write about nothing and I read the whole thing!
Anonymous said…
Those 70s discs are pretty dull overall, and yet I have a Steve Carlton from '77, I think, that was part of a lot. Probably wouldn't part with it.

A Bermaniism for Beeter might be "wife". Or "Billy".
carlsonjok said…
My mind is weird. The first thing I saw was that Piazza Komatsu card. The company I work for has a lot of Komatsu equipment and my first inclination was to go to TCDB and see if there are any sets featuring heavy equipment.

Stupid brain.
Fuji said…
It's comforting to hear that even the best have "nothing" moments. I struggle with tying stuff together on nine out of ten posts. Anyways while reading the post... I was thinking those Piazza phone cards were from Zippy. But I remember his comment on that autograph post, so the Beeter makes sense.
Brett Alan said…
I'm also a big fan of the movie Nothing In Common. But I do have a particular reason for that--I actually got to visit the set and watch a little of the filming. The scene where Bess Armstrong is giving her class acting exercises was filmed in the same building as my college radio station, and they asked us to temporarily lower our broadcast power because it was interfering with their equipment, and I asked if I could come up and watch. Gleason wasn't in that scene, so I never saw him, but watching Tom Hanks at work was a great thrill (and he was very funny when the cameras were off).
Nick Vossbrink said…
I gave up long ago trying to find themes for a lot of posts hence my series of "bunch of random stuff I should show off" now posts. Was freeing to not have to worry about fleshing out a bunch of posts and just be able to write a paragraph about random threads in my collection.
Matthew Glidden said…
Piazza stays close to my heart thanks to all his Immaculate Grid usage and his recent coaching for Italy's baseball team. It was a breath of fresh air to see him on those Japanese phone cards and makes sense as a big star on the Pacific Rim's best-known team. Can only imagine what the marketing for Ohtani as a Dodger looks like in Japan right now.