Sunday, December 11, 2016

C.A.: the review 4 (part 3)

For once in my life, I've gotten a decent start on Christmas shopping. It's not anything that would impress anyone -- I'm not one of those freaks who bought something for someone last January -- but my usual pattern is to start thinking about getting started around the 15th.

This early start will probably backfire and make me vow to never shop until Christmas Eve for the rest of time, but for now I'm quite pleased with myself.

I was also able to acquire my Secret Santa gift. Hopefully, I can get it to my blogger before the holiday hits (it's gonna be tight), but I think they'll enjoy it regardless.

Meanwhile, if you're doing holiday things, too, you probably could use a break. I have just the thing. It's time to vote for on the third round of Cardboard Appreciation The Review 4! We're trying to get a card in the Hall of Fame, you guys!

First, let's look at the results of round 2:

1. 1973 Topps Pat Corrales, 21 votes
2. 1961 Topps Jim Golden, 12 votes
3. 1977 Topps Bill Buckner, 10 votes
4. 2008 Stadium Club Ichiro Suzuki, 6 votes
5. 1981 Topps Ken Landreaux, 4 votes
6. 2003 Topps Hideo Nomo, 4 votes
7. 1976 Topps Jim Burton, 1 vote
8. 1982 Topps Dennis Lewallyn, 0 votes

Corrales wasn't quite the runaway winner that I thought he would be, but he did win comfortably. I was happy to see that two Dodger favorites, the Golden and Buckner cards, were the runners-up.

Corrales is the second card to enter the final 8, and I have eight more cards to determine the third entrant. This is a more varied and eclectic bunch than the first two rounds. I could potentially see one card getting most of the votes, but who knows.

Here is what you're voting on:

1. 2000 Fleer Ultra Club 3000 Wade Boggs: Starting off with a very cool insert of a player in a not very cool uniform.

2. 1964 Topps Giant Tommy Davis: More odd stuff. This was my introduction to Topps Giant. I've since acquired a couple more of these. Sturdy.

3. 1972 Topps Cy Young Award: Have you ever wondered what the deal was with these award cards in '72 Topps? I have and I still do. Let's gaze at the disembodied hand and ponder it awhile.

4. 2014 Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations Yasiel Puig: Yasiel Puig violating an unwritten rule that nobody even knew was unwritten rule until he did it right here on this baseball card.

5. 1982 Fleer Shooty Babitt: In 1982, I pulled three different cards of Shooty Babitt, a player that I didn't even know existed before 1982. And here I was pulling three different cards of him. But only one told me why his name was "Shooty". Weirdly, it's not the Fleer card.

6. 1909 T206 Al Burch (fielding variation): Tied for the honor as oldest card I own, this card shows how long variations have been in place. Hopefully that doesn't make you too cranky to vote for this card.

7. 1978 Topps Mark Lemongello: For this post, I recounted the colorful career of the colorfully named Mark Lemongello and then discovered he was minor league roommates with Mark Fidrych. Even better, someone commented on the post that Lemongello seems to be well and living a solid life.

8. 1999 Fleer Ultra Carl Everett: This card proclaims that the Dodgers are your 1988 World Champions. But it's not a Dodger card. The '90s were weird.

And that's a good cross-section of how varied cards can be. The poll is up on the sidebar. Please vote at your leisure but before this time next week.

Who knows, maybe I'll be done with Christmas shopping at that point.

What a freaky new world that would be.


  1. I must be an oddball.. I love those old Devil Rays uniforms..

  2. I just checked to see if I'd commented about this on Mark's individual post, but I hadn't (maybe on Twitter, possibly in conversation with Dan Epstein): I don't think I ever saw or met him, but the Lemongellos lived around the corner from where I lived when I was a kid (Mark was in the bigs before I lived there), and it just never registered with me. I just found people talking about this a few months ago, and suddenly, I had a flashback to the older kids talking vaguely about "the Lemongellos" and possibly specifically about Mark when I was pretty young. I trick-or-treated at their house while the family was still there, not realizing who'd once lived there. Weird little almost-brush-with-greatness.

  3. I thought I had my vote locked down early but damn if another candidate came along further down the page. This will take some thought.

    BTW...any chance the winner of the popular vote could end up los......n/m

  4. I love 1964 Topps Giant. Managed to get a good chunk of the set back in the 80s, and even have the Mantle autographed. While it's hard to vote against a T206, gotta go with Davis. Second time in a row I've voted for a Dodger....

  5. Shooty Babbitt? Lemon-jell-o? A couple of candidates for Dick Vitale's all-name team. And a T-206? A 64 giant? It'd take a lot for me to vote against those cards. But gosh darnit, you just can't go wrong with card of a TROPHY. Who on earth thought of that? And in the early 70s no less. (Unlike today in the age of Allen & Ginter where every revolving door and washing machine gets a card.) In 72 they were doing it for REAL, not for some attempt at irony. Gotta go with the 72.