Thursday, July 7, 2016

Letting my club membership run out

When 2016 Stadium Club started popping up on the usual online outlets, I looked at the calendar and said to myself "ALREADY?"

I'm not even done trying to complete 2015 Stadium Club. I'm still eight cards short, with no immediate plans to track down those eight cards.

Then I looked at the images from '16 Stadium Club that were being advertised and said to myself, "Oh, man, ALREADY?"

This is a very collectible set. Again.

I've enjoyed Stadium Club quite a bit over the years. Even 2008, when Topps really screwed over Stadium Club collectors, I still attempted to collect what I could. The 2014 set was hobby only, so there was no chance for me there. But I've really come around on the set after ignoring it between 1995-2002.

Which is why it's a little sad for me to say that I'm no longer part of the club. I'm letting my membership run out. I won't be collecting 2016 Stadium Club.

Why? Well, officially, I'll say it's because the font -- like everyone has mentioned -- is very similar to 1997 Fleer.

Now, I have no problem with 1997 Fleer. It's fine. And I have no problem with the font either. It's just that I've seen it before. I don't want to see it again. There's too much of a connection to '97 Fleer for me. So every time I see a 2016 Stadium Club card, no matter how great the photography, I see that font and my brain goes "seen it."

So, that's an excuse. I know it is. That's what I'm using to prevent me from collecting it. Because the other reasons -- I haven't finished the 2015 set, the cards are 50 cents apiece for crying out loud -- aren't enough incentive to keep me away.

It's for my own good I step out of this club. And the font is letting me do that.

Still, I grabbed a blaster I saw on the shelf today because -- heck, you've seen the photos. It's difficult to resist.

I'm just going to show a few cards from each pack because I don't have the time. It was pretty good blaster, despite all the Giants and Yankees.


Pack contents: Joe Mauer, Dallas Keuchel, Bryce Harper, Catfish Hunter, Jason Kipnis

I don't know what the Harper insert is. I just haven't kept up. I do know that I am so glad Catfish is an Athletic.


Pack contents: Brian Johnson, Henry Owens, Salvador Perez, Madison Bumgarner (gold), Luis Severino

Of course it's a gold Bumgarner because the pack gods hate me.


Pack contents: Jung Ho Kang, Mark Teixeira, Greg Holland, Randal Grichuk, Brock Holt

Holy moly, that Grichuk card could be Card of the Year. Cards On Cards is going to have to bare-knuckle box me for it.


Pack contents: Harmon Killebrew, Dennis Eckersley, Robinson Cano autograph card, Ken Giles, Ichiro Suzuki

Hmmm, I might have buried the lead with that Robinson Cano pull, huh? Ichiro is certainly impressed. And Twitter certainly knows about it. So it's already been claimed, most likely.

That's my pull of the year right there. That came from Walmart, you know.


Pack contents: Collin McHugh, Marquis Grissom, Brandon Belt, Edgar Martinez (black), Aroldis Chapman.

I appreciate the Grissom addition, although it concerns me when a guy who made his MLB debut in 1989 is considered old-school. That's not old-school. I had been in bars for six years by 1989.


Pack contents: Rougned Odor, Chris Davis, Adam Jones, Raul Mondesi, Rafael Iglesias

Mondesi is so going to rub this card in his dad's face.


Pack contents: Cameron Rupp, Jose Altuve, Adrian Beltre (luminous triumvirate), Joe Panik, Jose Fernandez

That's one of the least-impressive triumvirate thirds I've seen. It's barely a card it's so skinny.


Pack contents: Josh Hamilton, Whitey Ford, Victor Martinez, Luis Gonzalez (gold), Michael Conforto.

Like I need to tell you, that Whitey Ford card is outstanding.

So that was my spur-of-the-moment blaster. Please note the abundance of Giants and not one Dodger. Of course.

So now that I'm not in the club what's the mean?

It means I can buy and collect as I wish. I'll sample some here and there. You'll find some of this in your trade packages. And I'll keep those that I want. Completely and totally at my whim.

It feels good not being a part of the club.


  1. Great pull on that Cano auto.

    I really want to like Stadium Club. I really do. Sooz does a great job with picking the photos and all. But I just can't get into a set with like 4 Brewers out of 300 cards.

    1. And that Whitey Ford -- they colorized it! And it was a true night card:

    2. Ford photo was actually used before as an SP in 2010 Topps.

      Somehow it looks a lot better in SC.

  2. That Whitey Ford card is outstanding, probably my favorite over the Grichuk.

  3. Love the Whitey Ford. When I saw the Mondesi card I was wondering why they let the bat boy hold the trophy. He looks like he is 12 in that photo.

  4. Does any else thing Edgar Martinez looks a little bit like Joe Torre or is it just me? Nice pull on the Cano.

  5. Whitey Ford card - WOW

  6. Dang! Stadium Club has yet to make an appearance in my part of SE Texas. Maybe tomorrow.

  7. 'Grats on that Cano pull!

    If you're leaving the Club, might as well go out with a bang!

  8. Did you do a double take with that Cano? I'm always shocked when I pull an auto from a retail box.

    1. Strangely it was almost as if I expected it, like I anticipated getting an auto. Weird.

  9. Great pull on the Cano! That Chapman card may be the first one ever to show flowers on a card.

  10. The Killebrew Image was used in 2008 UD Masterpieces The Ichiro appears as if it may be from his pitching performance in Philadelphia.

  11. Congratulations on pulling the Cano. That should fetch you a bunch of Dodgers in return. I'll definitely pick up a set of this stuff on eBay. So many great looking cards... like the Whitey. It's a shame they ruined the Hunter by chopping off his glove and throwing hand.

  12. I really liked 2014 SC, then 2015 blew through before I was done with the previous set (still working on the last few). I want to pull the trigger on these, but it seems like there are less retro guys and a whole lot more current players that I go "Who?" to in this year's version. And the names seem like they're printed too dark or something. It's subtle but it bugs me. Just can't get excited about them as much as I anticipated...

  13. I'm really glad they brought Stadium Club down from the clouds and back to the masses this year. Since they've brought it back I've loved the base design, photos, just overall look of the set, but I really hated the price tag. I've only opened a couple packs, but this year's set might suck me in. Oh and nice hit with the Cano I guess.

  14. Here's to a collector collecting what and how he wants to collect!

  15. No one's gonna mention the awesome Mauer card? Maybe I'm biased. I pulled the exact same Beltre Triumvirate card, I can't say I'm a fan of all the ding-able edges on those cards, but the shiny refracted surface is nice.