Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Braves fan is sending me Braves cards

There is so much wrong with that post title.

Why would a Braves fan be willing to get rid of Braves cards? And why would he be sending them to me -- someone who is not a Braves fan at all, in fact, often times, is a Braves-hater?

Well, I'll try to make some sense out of it.

The Braves fan is Steve of The Card Chop. He mentioned around the end of 2015 that he was refocusing his collecting goals. He was going to concentrate on completing some Topps sets, which is what helped him get into the hobby in the first place, and focus less on random Braves hoarding.

Good for him. I can't get myself that disciplined.

Apparently, that means ridding himself of a few Braves cards, what he called "non-essential Braves cards" in a note that came with the PWE (see, this is where my lack of discipline comes in: there is no non-essential Dodgers card).

In fact, in full, the note said: "I am bequeathing to you a couple of non-essential Braves cards as I am altering my collection. Please take good care of them!"

Such responsibility.

All right, let's see what kind of icky Braves I now have in my care:

Awesome. I already care a great deal about this card.

Since I am also a set collector, I understand how cards of teams you dislike would be included in your collection, instead of the very normal practice of climbing 47 stories of a high-rise to jettison the offending card off the roof.

This Baseball Immortals set is a well-known love of mine and a future completion quest (expect a want list and a blow-by-blow account of how I'm doing in the future). And now I have the Warren Spahn card within my care. Consider it well-protected.

This one is a little more difficult.

Don't get me wrong, I love night cards, I have a great deal of respect for Greg Maddux, and this particular subset is one I'm trying to collect.

But I have this card already.

Here are the cards from that subset I still need:


#NG3 - Ivan Rodriguez
#NG8 - Derek Jeter

So, when a card doesn't fit in a set, the next option is seeing if it fits in another set, in this case the Awesome Night Card frankenset binder.

But the Maddux card is card #5. This is card #5 in my Night Card binder:

Nobody is getting past that card.

And that means Maddux Night-Gamers is officially a dupe, doomed to languishing in the dupes box.

I don't think that's taking very good care of Maddux Night-Gamer. Any Braves fans need him?

Fortunately, those are all the Braves that Steve sent me, which is good because I'm totally worn out by trying to find a good use for Braves cards.

Steve did send a handful of Dodgers.

This very unlicensed, very '90s Front Row hologram Roy Campanella -- No. 5322 or 100,000! -- is my favorite of the group. The overproduction era just gives and gives and gives.

So there you are.

That's why a Braves fan was sending me Braves cards.

Yeah, it still doesn't make sense to me either.


  1. I'll rescue the Maddux from the dupes box for next time we trade. I've got some stuff for you somewhere... not Braves though have no fear.

  2. always a day late and a dollar short.

  3. Well me thinks that the Maddux card should replace the Fisk- but that's just a Braves fan talking.

  4. Heresy.

    Now I have to send some Dodgers to Sooz or Thorzul .....