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Show and tell

That's really what this blog is, isn't it? Just a grown-up, computerized version of "show and tell." So I guess it's my turn to go to the front of the class and blab about what I've brought today.

First, this afternoon, I pulled this bat card of Dodger Angel Berroa out of a 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights presents 2008 Topps Heritage High ... gasp, pant, gasp ... Numbers Series pack from Target.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Berroa doesn't play for the Dodgers anymore. He plays for that team. And you're thinking relics are SO yesterday's news. You can find them anywhere. And you're thinking, Topps is even placing relics inside each blaster just to get collectors to take the blasters off their hands.

But you can't bring me down. Because, believe it or not, this is the first relic card of a Dodger I have ever pulled. Ever. The Johnny Podres auto aside, I have extraordinary poor luck when pulling relics and autos of my favorite team. So I'm happy to add Berroa to my collection.

But not as happy as I am about adding this card to my collection. I received this 1966 Al Ferrara (who has apparently spotted a UFO) from Steve of Wait Til Next Year, a pretty new blog from a longtime Cubs fan. He seems to have lots of nice vintage cards, which are my kind of cards.

A little story about Ferrara: When we were kids, we watched a lot of Mets games, and the broadcasters would ask a trivia question each game. One day the question concerned the game in which Tom Seaver struck out 19 batters in 1970. The question: what team did Seaver face in that game and who was the last batter he struck out? Now, 1970 was a long time ago, even for us then, so we had only heard in passing about Seaver's feat. We knew next to nothing about it. But I guessed anyway, out loud: Padres and Al Ferrara.

Both answers were correct. I went around the house for the next two days telling my brothers I could read their minds. Drove them bonkers.

Anyway, Steve also sent a 1980 Topps rookie card of Rick Sutcliffe, which will fill a void in my Dodger binder. That was back when I liked Sutcliffe. Now he just makes me uncomfortable listening to him on ESPN. But great cards, Steve. Thanks!


gcrl said…
ima tell you what - i love that berroa card. short timer relics in dodger unis are cool. i pulled a 00? grissom bat relic from the traded series that year. it's awesome. american pie issued a frobby relic with his 73 topps card reprinted. i know he is listed as an angel on that card but as you have posted before, it's plain as day he's a dodger.
night owl said…
Personal experience, Z? I mean aside from the fact that he dropped off the face of the earth in K.C.?
zman40 said…
Just that he had that great '03 season and then got a nice little extension. Then it was all down hill from there. I swear that he was the highest paid player in the minors the last two years (until he was traded to LA). He did go a little out of his way to sign a card for me this year, though. So, he is a nice bum.
zman40 said…
I was at Royals Fanfest yesterday and I was telling this guy about how I eventually got Berroa's autograph in Albuquerque last summer. When I was done, he said "he's still an ass." I guess that it is a Royals thing.