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Into life a little Series 2 must fall

I didn't mean to duck out on you and turn what I speculated about at the end of Monday's post into something immediate.

But that's what work can do to you these days and why I wrote what I did Monday. Yesterday I drove nearly 200 miles so I could interview someone for a story. You're asking why. Well, the reasons are: 1) Our newspaper coverage area is insane for being east of the Mississippi; 2) Young people don't like to talk on the phone anymore; 3) People no longer want to get their information from professionals.

Hey, you asked.

I've been driving and writing and then interviewing some more and writing some more, and that's why I wasn't writing here. But I am now. 

On long trips I like to see if I can find some cards anywhere. I stopped by a Walmart in the sticks. And, lo, I found some blasters of Series 2, a day or two after release even!

Normally I wouldn't be that interested in Series 2 -- there are plenty of posts of me bagging on it in years past. But the design is good this year. Also I just got a look at the checklist a couple days ago and there are a bunch of Dodgers. So chances were good if I grabbed a blaster!

So let's see it. Never mind if any of the cards are lined up straight below. I barely could get everything photographed in the time allotted.


439 - Cleveland Guardians
657 - Luis Garcia, Nationals
467 - Vaughn Grissom, Red Sox
570 - Bryce Turang, Brewers
551 - Kyle Tucker, Astros
416 - Brandon Crawford, Giants
500 - Shohei Ohtani, Dodgers
361 - Myles Straw, Guardians
566 - Andrew McCutchen, Pirates
672 - Wilyer Abreu, Red Sox, gold
SMLB-59 - Alex Bregman, Astros, Stars of MLB insert
610 - Zach Greinke, Royals, holiday parallel, apparently celebrating some Etch-a-Sketch holiday? I don't know that is.*
FF-7 - Fernando Tatis, Padres, Fantasy Favorites insert

I apologize if the list of names didn't follow with the way the cards were photographed. They came out of the package every which way -- every pack -- which muddled the presentation.

I was very pleased with getting Ohtani in the very first pack. Also managed to pull only one rookie card, but that won't turn into a streak or anything.


655 - Alejandro Kirk, Blue Jays
391 - Forrest Wall, Braves
595 - Austin Riley, Braves
689 - Josh Bell, Marlins
394 - Heston Kjerstad, Orioles
517 - Lyon Richardson, Reds
569 - Evan Phillips, Dodgers
525 - Kyle Isbel, Royals
407 - Pete Crow-Armstrong, Cubs
605 - Kenta Maeda, Tigers
SMLB-51 - Jose Ramirez, Guardians, Stars of MLB insert
CTF-9 - Bobby Witt Jr., Royals, Covering the Field insert

You guys, Evan Phillips got a card. I think it's his first base card ever.


600 - Max Scherzer, Rangers
637 - Blake Rutherford, Nationals
585 - Chase Silseth, Angels
355 - Lucas Sims, Reds
554 - Yoan Moncada, White Sox
630 - Lance Lynn, Cardinals
461 - Evan Pereira, Yankees
429 - Michael King, Padres
369 - Brenan Hanifee, Tigers
700 - Jose Altuve, Astros
SMLBB-48 - Ceddanne Rafaela, Red Sox, Stars of MLB insert
89ASB-5 - Albert Pujols, All-Star '89 insert
368 - Tylor Megill, Mets, Stencil Holiday parallel?
The '89 All-Star inserts are nifty looking. The weird stencil things are reminding me that I forgot my vow not to buy anymore blasters this year.

519 - Gavin Lux, Dodgers
411 - Ryan Pepiot, Rays
697 - Jordan Diaz, Athletics
591 - Nolan Gorman, Cardinals
503 - Jackson Rutledge, Nationals
436 - Jose Siri, Rays
539 - A.J. Minter, Braves
671 - Wade Miley, Brewers
419 - Chris Bassitt, Royals
504 - Michael Conforto, Giants
HRC-27 - Vladimir Guerrero, Blue Jays, Home Run Challenge insert
SMLB-37 - Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers, Stars of MLB insert
If Vlad Jr. gets traded to another team and hits a home run on the date chosen, does it count? I'm assuming it does.
This pack yielded two Dodgers so it's a winner. Notice Lux is holding his helmet on, I'm going to assume his head is too big to fit in customary helmets because he doesn't have big hair and why would you put up with your helmet falling off as much as it does for him?

489 - Miles Mastrobuoni, Cubs
479 - Oswaldo Cabrera, Yankees
606 - Bryan Bello, Red Sox
377 - Tanner Houck, Red Sox
484 - Chris Sale, Braves
401 - Dodgers Lineup Stays Dangerous (Freddie/Mookie)
476 - Drew Rom, Cardinals
523 - Jackson Wolf, Pirates
615 - Yoendrys Gomez, Yankees
564 - Jake Meyers, Astros
CTF-24 - Rafael Devers, Red Sox, Covering the Field insert
SMLB-44 - Manny Machado, Padres, Stars of MLB insert
614 - Cody Bellinger, Cubs, Don't Hypnotize Me Holiday parallel?

Red Sox-heavy pack


379 - Kyle Farmer, Twins
376 - Adam Duvall, Red Sox
507 - Jose Miranda, Twins
495 - Jose Caballero, Mariners
613 - Jordan Wicks, Cubs
692 - Minnesota Twins
457 - John Means, Orioles
465 - Edward Cabrera, Marlins
573 - Irving Lopez, Cardinals (OK, Topps if you say he's a real player)
385 - Touki Toussaint, White Sox
700 - Jose Altuve, Astros, rainbow foil parallel
SMLB-49 - Carlos Correa, Twins, Stars of MLB insert

Yeah, I know that was totally out of order. Sorry.


533 - Milwaukee Brewers
464 - Chicago White Sox
400 - Carlos Correa, Twins
395 - Riley Adams, Nationals
656 - Texas Rangers, postseason prominence (Topps spelled it wrong)
567 - Kyle Hendricks, Cubs
670 - Connor Phillips, Reds
398 - Enrique Hernandez, Dodgers
418 - Nick Lodolo, Reds
493 - Darius Vines, Braves
595 - Austin Riley, Braves, These Things Are Still Ugly Holiday parallel?
89B2-19 - Joe Musgrove, Padres, 1989 insert
After picking up all the opened wrappers I discovered I forgot to take a picture of one of the cards in the last pack.

There you go.

I did pretty well with Dodgers, gaining six. Other than that there is a little bit of trade bait, and for the rest, the design's still nice at least.

And it helped me take the edge off of that nearly 200 miles of driving. It's a lot better than stopping for box of chocolate chip cookies to wolf down on the way back.

P.S.: I may have done that, too.

* - these are apparently "fireworks" parallels and I completely missed that even though I've seen plenty of fireworks shows -- up close even. That is not the design that springs to mind to represent fireworks.


I hope you ate some chocolate chip cookies! Damn fine thing to do.
Grant said…
Twins hot pack at #6. I like the Greinke sunset card.
Jeremya1um said…
How the hell does Caballero get pictured as a Mariner when he got traded to the Rays not even a month after Ohtani signed with LA? I haven’t looked, but I’m sure some of the late signing guys have got into Series 2 with correct teams. I guess Update might fix it.
2 years ago, I pulled a Matt Olson HR Challenge card picturing him as an Athletic, and he got traded to Atlanta in the spring or whenever, and he hit a HR as a Brave against the Pirates that I predicted, and Topps honored the card and the prize card they sent pictures him as a Brave.
Old Cards said…
Funny how that work thing and making a living for your family gets in the way. Glad to see you posting again. I know very few of these guys and probably won't buy any 2024 cards, but I'm can appreciate you being pleased at getting the Ohtani and other Dodgers cards.
You pulled a handful of Braves too :)
BaseSetCalling said…
Brenan Hanifee, 5.0 Innings Pitched in 2023. 1.433 WHIP so far in AAA this year. Never heard of him, I missed those 5 Innings last year. Series 2 & the Update “Rookie Combos” are Topps Total now.
Count me as among those happy to see you posting again. I'm on the fence regarding the 2024 design, but I enjoyed the post nonetheless. Thank you.
1984 Tigers said…
Earlier this spring, I did an impulse buy of two Series 1 2024 packs at a Shell station. During the junk pack hey days of the late 80s and early 90s, even gas stations started selling cards. That seemed to dry up after the 1994 strike. So what the hey got a Mookie stars of MLB insert in one pack and a Chrome Ohtani (as an Angel) stars of mlb insert in the other pack. Night owl, looks like you got some.goodies on your impulse buy!
Jamie Meyers said…
You did well with the Red Sox, even if Adam Duvall is a dubious entry for their team set. I like the design best of anything they've done in many years.
John Sharp said…
A few Tigers, and I really like this year's design...can't wait until I can get a box and rip the packs.
Good Job! 👍
bryan was here said…
Still digging the '24 set design!

I do like that Belli parallel. Something about the City Connect uni and the Spirograph design kinda ties everything together.
Nick said…
I grabbed a blaster of Series 2 as well - nothing too exciting, but it's nice seeing fresh cards on this design. The Correa double dip is an excellent card though. Have no idea what those weird pinwheely parallels are, but I got a few in my blaster as well.
Matt said…
I like that Dominguez!! One of the few Yankees I am still collecting. Judge, Jeter, Dominguez and late 90s inserts.
Fuji said…
The 1989 inserts are cool. I even like the "rain drops in a puddle of water" parallels. But I'll probably just save my money and purchase a factory set.
Jafronius said…
Thanks for showing off the cards!

And yes, if the player changes teams for the HRC and hits a homer, it still counts. Happened to me twice in 2022...Freeman was pictured as a Brave but I won with him as a Dodger, and Juan Soto was pictured as a Nat but he was traded when I got the card and won with him as a Padre.