Monday, April 16, 2018

Hits from an unlikely source

I'm quite familiar with what fellow bloggers collect. I know their relative ages, the card eras that interest them, what they have in their "inventory," and what items I might receive from them.

So it's a surprise when something arrives from someone that is "uncharacteristic" of them.

These showed up from Commish Bob of The Five-Tool Collector.

You know, the guy who collects old-ass stuff. Cards from the '50s and '60s and much, much older. Players that have long since retired, retired before I even knew what baseball was, or played before I was born. He's showing some Japanese items right now. I'm not 100 percent sure what they are, but I do know that they are ancient.

They're definitely from long before the period when people began to think it was a good idea to cut up clothing and glue it into cards.

But that's what came out of the package. Two relic cards from this year's Heritage, and another relic card of former Dodger catcher Russell Martin (I admit I have the Martin relic already, mostly because he was playing in L.A. during my peak relic-accumulating days).

The Seager jersey card -- I believe -- is the first Corey Seager relic card I own. How about that Commish Bob?!? Who knew?

I am also very happy to get the Kershaw relic card. People don't send me hits of Kershaw much anymore. They've all figured out who he is. I have to do my own work. So this is very cool.

Before you think the Commish has gone all modern on us, here is something more in keeping with his collecting tastes -- and mine, too:

Here are some 1973 Topps from my want list. Some real quality gap-fillers, too. Carew and McNally and the last card in the set, Fred Scherman.

Plus, three of the rookie prospects cards. These have been the slowest-arriving cards in the set. The page is practically blank. Nobody on these three cards ended up a star (Gary Matthews, you could make a case for), but we must hoard our rookies.

By now, you're saying to yourselves, "Come on, where is the GOOD stuff? You know, the old items you two enjoy so much?"

Never fear.

Hot dog! Some 1956 Topps to cross off the want list!

These get me very close to having nothing but stars left to acquire. We're on the verge of me deciding whether my daughter really needs that fourth year of college or plopping it all down on a Clemente or Aaron card.

Good times.

The Irv Noren card has some paper loss on the back, which seems to be a prerequisite for Yankees in this set (did all Yankees fans glue their cards to pages?). I don't know if I'll try to upgrade. I'm a little more sure I'll do so with these three though. I almost got the Ray Boone card at the recent card show.

Commish Bob even threw in a signed Carl Erskine card. Erskine is such a great signer. I'll be happy to add this to the collection.

The relic cards momentarily threw me for a loop but the Commish came back strong with the vintage goodies. And those Heritage relics look so nice -- really among the best-designed relics ever -- that how can you resist?

Even we vintagephiles love feeling up a tiny piece of cloth in our cards.


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  1. 73 has long been one of my favorite Carews in my collection.

    1. You have to love the baby blue seats in the background.

  2. Whoop, good stuff for sure! Nothing screams 1973 like that flat-brimmed Expos hat Roque is wearing.

  3. Sweet cards! Commish Bob is a good guy!

  4. Lots of great old Red Sox cards there!

  5. The Commish's generosity isn't very surprising... but I was pretty blown away by his knowledge of vintage Japanese cards.

  6. Long story short...Hotel show promoter/dealer friend replenished his cheap vintage boxes. I bought the swatch/"hit" cards out of guilt. I had a long conversation with another dealer at the same show and felt kind of obligated to buy something. 4 for $5 and I got a Kent Tekulve autographed card out of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    And yes, I'm an old fart.