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Cereal box, series 2 style

I know everyone has seen Topps Series 2 by now. But have you seen it out of one of those cereal boxes? I haven't. On the blogs anyway.

I found these standing up like toy soldiers at Target today. I naturally picked the Jackie Robinson box. I have no idea who is on the other boxes, because all I saw was Jackie and my mind was made up.

Everything about the cereal boxes is the same as Series I. A total of 55 cards, plus one legends chrome refractor. One Turkey Red, one Legends of the Game, one Toppstown. All for $9.99. Off we go:

1. #573- Adam Wainwright, Cardinals
2. #490 - Joba Chamberlain, Yankees

3. #439 - Ryan Spilborghs, Rockies. (Do you think the dude on the cell phone is telling the person on the other end, "Hey, check me out in Series 2?")
4. #397 - Carlos Ruiz, Phillies
5. #353 - Derek Jeter, Yankees (You've all seen it. The guy doesn't need any more face time).
6. #527 - Jason Isringhausen, Cardinals
7. #629 - Lyle Overbay, Blue Jays
8. #415 - Josh Beckett, Red Sox
9. #480 - Prince Fielder, Brewers. (Looking quite agile)

10. #331 - Luke Scott, Orioles
11. #562 - Cecil Cooper, Astros, manager
12. #578 - Adam Kennedy, Rays
13. #618 - Brandon Backe, Astros
14. #410 - Lou Piniella, Cubs, manager
15. #517 - Kevin Frandsen, Giants
16. #464 - Bobby Crosby, Athletics
17. #380 - Aramis Ramirez, Cubs
18. #428 - Jamie Moyer, Phillies (pitching against the Dodgers right now. Sorry, Moyer fans. Hope he does awful).

19. #547 - Jack Cust, Athletics
20. #602 - Carlos Gomez, Twins
21. #620 - Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals
22. #346 - Mike Cameron, Brewers
23. #654 - Brian Schneider, Mets
24. #608 - Cristian Guzman, Nationals
25. #621 - Dana Eveland, Athletics

26. #350 - Ryne Sandberg, Cubs (The non-shortprinted #350 is Dustin Pedroia. Now, I am willing to trade this for the short-print Pee Wee Reese card from Series I).
27. #BCS2- Jin Young Lee, Korea, World Baseball Classic insert. (I have no idea if there is one of these in every cereal box. I wish I cared about these cards. I just don't).

28. #LG-JS John Smoltz, Braves, Legends of the Game insert. (I'm not sure if I like guys who are still active featured in the LOG series, but no biggie).
29. #TR-68 Lance Berkman, Astros, Turkey Red insert (I get way too many Berkman cards. This will be headed for Capewood somewhere around All-Star break time with a bunch of other Astros).
30. TTT48 Mark Teixeira, Yankees, Toppstown (Weeee!)
31. #506 - Paul Konerko, White Sox (I know you've seen this card before, but it's a cool shot).

32. #599 - Placido Polanco, Tigers
33. #634 - Chris Davis, Rangers
34. #648 - J.D. Drew, Red Sox
35. #592 - Fred Lewis, Giants
36. #552 - Eric Byrnes, Diamondbacks
37. #515 - Gary Sheffield, Tigers (Do you think he tried to hit the next pitch 9,000 miles? I do).

38. #485 - Aaron Rowand, Giants
39. #633 - David Patton, Cubs
40. #597 - Randy Wolf, Dodgers (L.A.'s second-most reliable starter this year. Who knew?)

41. #536 - Khalil Greene, Cardinals
42. #403 - Trevor Cahill, Athletics
43. #637 - Donald Veal, Pirates
44. #499 - Edwin Moreno, Padres
45. #593 - Kenshin Kawakami, Braves
46. #591 - Elvis Andrus, Rangers (One of my few complaints about Topps this year is there are a few too many faces in the shadows. This is one of them).

47. #479 - Brad Nelson, Brewers
48. #466 - Wilson Betemit, White Sox (I think this photo was taken during the spring training series between the White Sox and Dodgers -- they share the same training facility. There's another photo from this series that I'll feature tomorrow).

49. #434 - Classic Combos, Detroit Power Authority (Guillen & Cabrera)
50. #576 - Don Wakamatsu, Mariners, manager
51. #548 - John Danks, White Sox
52. # 545 - Matt Garza, Rays
53. #601- Classic Combos, Broad Street Bombers (Howard & Rollins)
54. #632 - Brett Myers, Phillies
55. #588 - Jorge De La Rosa, Rockies

The last eight cards in the box were horizontal. In fact they were the only horizontal cards in the box.

And my snazzy chrome refractor that Beckett probably says is worth $50?:
The Iron One. If Marie of A Cardboard Problem wants/needs this card, it's hers. Otherwise, I'll trade it for the Jackie Robinson refractor in this series or something Dodgery.

Boy, when you're collecting this set, there is nothing like the cereal boxes. These things are fun. Hope you enjoyed.


Greg said…
Please hold that Sandberg for me for a couple of weeks. I'll do my best to track down a Reese for you.
MarieBay said…
Why thank you good sir. However, I will decline the offer it makes more sense for you to trade if for the Robinson card. Thanks for thinking of me, if I spot one of those I will pick it up for you.
Captain Canuck said…
Do you have the LOG Roy Campanella from Series I?
If not, I do, and I'll send it your way.
Motherscratcher said…
I really like the cereal boxes too. Mostly for the refractors.

It wasn't too long after we started posting about how much they were "worth" that Beckett dropped the value drastically.
night owl said…
I do have that card, Captain.

By the way, I found a couple cards for you today. I've added them to the small pile and hopefully I'll have it off to you in the next couple of weeks.
night owl said…

I'll hold the card for you. I'll probably send it with the other cards I'll pull for you. I'm starting the searching process this weekend.
Jeffrey Wolfe said…
Wahoo! I've been wondering when the series 2 cereal boxes would come out. Must. have. one.
Anonymous said…
That sandberg is awesome

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