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The return: an ode to baseball cards

I'm back, baseball cards
I've missed you these last four days
Four days without viewing a single one of you
In person or online
I missed my baseball cards

It amazes me how empty life is without you
Simple pieces of cardboard with pictures
Silly, really
There is longing and craving
Over disposable items
Because I miss my baseball cards

Life went on
While you were so many miles away
The conversation turned
To more mundane matters
But I missed my baseball cards

The turkey wasn't as tasty as I remembered
Although stuffing hit the spot
Marshmallowed-sweet potatoes were controversial
Pie for breakfast wonderful
But I missed my baseball cards

I busied myself with diversions
Day-glo bowling balls and a free piece of pizza
My niece's fingernails painted to resemble Pac-Man characters
Mocking pre-Black Friday shoppers
But I still missed my baseball cards

The high school reunion almost did the trick
My collecting buddy in school hadn't bought cards since 1989
But still has 3…

If you can't join 'em, count 'em

One of the great disappointments in my life is the inability to grow a respectable mustache.

This is both my fault and the fault of my ... um ... surroundings. I actually grew a mustache and wore it for about a year-and-a-half around 12 years ago. It was your average, full, well-maintained 'stache. But the problem was I have blond hair and those yellow mustaches never really work out right. It was a Frank Viola mustache.

You know the kind. He has a mustache. You know it's there. But part of you isn't quite sure. Is that really a mustache? Your eyes get all squinty trying to determine what he has on his upper lip. That's the way it was for me. Close up? Oh, yeah, that's a mustache. At a distance? Can't tell without ma glasses.

The solution for us fair-haired folk who want their facial hair to stand out is to grow a fu-manchu or a righteous mustache-beard ensemble. But that's where the "surroundings" come into play. I'm pretty certain that my m…

All new ...

Every card blogger's favorite game show has returned! It's the all new ...

Thank you! Thank you! You're too kind! No, no, no, you're too, too kind! Ha, ha! Great audience! Great audience!


Yes, we're back! We are back! Night Owl here with another edition of "What's The Best Card In The Package," Extreme Edition! Ha, ha. That's right! Extreme Edition!

You thought that ourfinelittleshow went away forever. Oh no, we are back at least one more time in new and improved form! It's the Extreme Edition of What's The Best Card In the Package! Can I say that a few more times?? Extreme! Extreme! Extreme! Ha, ha! Yes. We are "All New" as they say in TV land!

If you have been with Night Owl and his trusty helper Jim over there, you know that on this show we determine the best card to come out of one particular card package. The package is usually bursting with goodness, but we must make a decision on which card is the abso…