Monday, December 8, 2008

Oddly inappropriate cartoons, pt. 1

(Yep, it's the start of yet another new series at Night Owl Cards. Let's see if this one has legs, and gets picked up for renewal).

Card set: 1977 Topps
Card: Bill Russell, Los Angeles Dodgers
Card No.: 322
Inappropriate subject: The objectification of women portrayed in a postive light.
Level of inappropriateness (scale of 1-10): An 8

I was 11 years old when I pulled this card from a pack. I didn't know what Playboy was. I didn't know what a Playboy bunny was. I didn't know who Bo Belinsky was. And I didn't know who that lady was. Or why she was wearing shoes with her bathing suit.

But I did know that the cartoon rattled me so much that I didn't want to ask my mom or dad any of these questions.

Geez, Topps, why didn't you just fold one of those magazine subscription cards to Playboy into the pack?


  1. This series is a keeper, but I'm leaner closer to 6 (the funniest part of it 30 years later leads me to lower the score).

    If you haven't seen Kevin's O's Card O the Day cartoon yet, you have to check it out. It makes this one look like -4.

  2. This cartoon could be a lot worse. If it were done today, it would say, "Bo Belinsky has bedded (but not wed) 10 Playboy bunnies."

    Or, to paraphrase Sean Avery, "(fill in the blank with the most recent Florida Marlins pitcher) is the most recent to take a tumble with Brad Penny's former gal, Alyssa Milano."