Thursday, May 24, 2012

While '84 Donruss is bitch-slapping every other set in the poll ...

As you may be aware, 1984 Donruss holds a huge lead over any other Donruss set in the polls on the sidebar, which are gauging the biggest improvement and biggest bust in the history of pre-Panini.

I'm pleased by that because a handful of people disparaged the good name of '84 Donruss, the greatest set ever created by the Weiner brothers. And although others said they liked '84 Donruss, I prefer to dwell on the negative, because I'm not too big to admit that I want everyone to think like me and act like me and be like me so that there can be an epic army of night owls that can RULE THE UNIVERSE!

Anyway ...

It looks like '84 Donruss will be named the biggest improvement with just under a day left in the voting. And to celebrate, you're going to see a few more '84 Donruss cards.

These came from garveyceyrusselllopes. With these few additions, I now need just 23 cards to complete the set. Great gracious.

I crossed five more cards off my list, including Stone Phillips ... er, Storm Davis up there.

Here are the others:

The late, great Todd Cruz. He also happened to be the last card I needed to complete the 1984 Topps set. Were people stockpiling Cruz cards for some reason?

Max Venable, father of Will Venable. Max played for the Giants. Will plays for the Padres. They're moving up the food chain in the family, but it's at an epically slow pace.

Allan being Allan.

And, finally, a great card of Mike Ramsey, not to be confused with the former Buffalo Sabre. Yes, Buffalo Sabre. We don't acknowledge Penguins on this blog unless they wear Dodger blue and waddle after they hit home runs.

Of course, Jim had to send some Dodgers as well:

A sticker of Fernando and Pedro. I promise I'll get Fernando on the list of Dodgers I Collect someday soon.

A handful of '88 Fleer Update pickups of some very valuable '88 Dodger pickups.

And finally ...



  1. I like how all the lines match up on the '88s.

  2. i actually looked at your lists. looks like our packages crossed in the mail, too. i'll get a post up someday soon.