Monday, May 14, 2012

Awesome night card, pt. 142

Ten reasons that you need to find this card for your collection:

1. It is an awesome night card.
2. The card has no words.
3. Nate Colbert -- I swear that's who is on the card even though there are no words -- is a Montreal Expo in the picture. Everyone remembers him as a San Diego Padre.
4. It is a super close-up picture.
5. Colbert's teammates considered him ugly.
6. They thought he was so ugly that they nicknamed him "The Iguana."
7. It is a super close-up picture of an ugly iguana.
8. Colbert played for last place teams from 1968-76. The only year he did not play for a last place team was in 1966. That team finished 8th. There were 10 teams in the league back then. The two teams he finished above were the Cubs and the Mets. So, really, he finished last every year of his career.
9. Colbert hit five home runs in a doubleheader in 1972. Look at the photo. He's practically dying to tell you about it.
10. I can't come up with a 10th reason. Just get the card. ... But not mine.


Night card binder candidate: Nate Colbert, 1976 SSPC, #330
Does it make the binder?: Absolutely.


  1. The Expos should be reborn because they had cool hats.

  2. wow, an SSPC night card? don't think I've seen many (if any) of those before.

  3. oops, submit too soon... I don't have a ton of SSPC, but '76 SSPC Willie Davis, pictured in his Cardinal uniform, is another.

  4. Yup.