Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Checklists need to be needed, too

I have just added a checklist to the Nebulous 9 list. Yup, a checklist. This checklist you see here.

The 1989 Topps set has been completed for a long time. Most of the completion grunt work happened in '89 as I went all out to try to complete a set by purchasing from one drug store.

In the process I accumulated stacks and stacks of doubles for virtually every card in the set.

Except, seemingly, this checklist card.

I'm not sure what possessed me to check off this card. This was getting to the height of the "Every Card Is Valuable -- DON'T TOUCH IT WITH YOUR FINGERS!!!!!!" era. And I embraced those thoughts completely.

So checking it seems totally out of character. I'm guessing I had an extra one of these checklist cards and I wanted to relive the days of my childhood when I checked off everything in sight. I'm sure it was a rush. But then, I guess, I lost my extra copy.

Why do I want an unchecked checklist for my set? Well, my '89 set is in minty mint shape or at least near mint. This checklist is out of place. Like grandpa wearing low-rise jeans and a do-rag. We don't need to see that in a 1989 set. 1969? Sure. 1960? You bet. But not '89.

I'll admit, this card has history. You can see that Jose Guzman is the only card not checked off, and I do remember I had a bit of struggle finding that card (not as much of a struggle as finding Craig Biggio and Claudell Washington). So I'll probably keep this card after getting an unchecked copy.

For those of you saying, "look how neatly you filled in the squares!" this set came out just as I had finished college and a few short years after high school. I had filled out tiny squares on standardized tests for eight years. You can't help but perfect something you've done for eight years.

Also, I'm just noticing the "Schmidt: Bonus" and "Randolph: Bonus" items on the checklist. Those are the team leaders cards. Love the "bonus" notation, like Topps was giving you an extra Dave Valle card for your value.

So, anyway, if you have an unchecked version of 1989 Topps checklist: 397-598, I'll take it.

I fully expect this to be the shortest stay ever on the Nebulous 9.


Note: I've received two decent offers for the Yankees book cards in the last post. I'm only offering the four together as a set. So if you have something to offer for these cards that ain't anywhere else -- although I'm sure they could be on ebay already -- send me an email.


  1. I'll try to remember to look for this when I get home, I'm sure someone will beat me too it, but I have a big box of 89 extras in the closet so I'm sure I can find it. Maybe.

  2. i have the maury wills card in your 9. lmk @ skilletforlife at hotmail dot com...can't seem to be able to email you so.......

  3. If cynicalbuddha doesn't have it let me know, I have two to trade...

  4. Found one. It'll be in the mail tomorrow morning.