Sunday, May 20, 2012


It's July out there. It's really too nice to concern myself with blog affairs. I'm already high on Clayton Kershaw's dominating performance last night -- which I enjoyed on the MLB Network. So in this light and airy frame of mind, I'm just going to show some cards from a trade and get on out of here.

The Kershaw Bowman goldy came from Marcus at All the Way to the Backstop. He knows a thing or two about gold. His favorite team is the Padres. No, really. It is.

He was offering some team lots and he had more Dodgers than anything else, so I chomped down greedily. Actually, I did it more warily than greedily, because at this stage, I know I'm going to end up with a giant chunk of doubles. And I did. But there were a fair amount of cards that I didn't have, which makes everything well worth it. I got to get rid of some Padres, too! I love, love, LOVE N.L. West trades.

So let's see some cards and then head out to the beach or the grill or the ballpark. Anywhere. Just somewhere ELSE. Monday's gonna suck anyway (unless you're in Canada), so get away from the backlit screen while you can.

I'm wasting no time here. A purple parallel of a guy named "Joc." Joc Pederson is a legitimate offensive prospect in the Dodgers' chain. He's hitting over .300 in high Class A. The back says he's a five-tool player, and I say, "Of course he is. His name is 'Joc.'"

Dee Gordon is performing so poorly right now that the Dodgers are benching him even though their infield is overrun with injuries. That's how you know when people don't want you there. "No, it's OK. We'll just call up this guy who's hitting .170 to play shortstop. Really, just have a seat over there and relax."

I can't wait until I have all of the Gypsy Queen Dodgers so I never have to show them here again.

Moving back in time with the next group of cards. Cory Snyder signed this card here with a silver pen. ... OK, not really. But that would be a legitimate reason to collect this card. Right now, I have no idea why I wanted this card.

Here is why I leap into these team lot trades. I am trying to eradicate as many junk wax era needs as possible. My 1991 Score Rising Stars wants have officially been erased, removed, eliminated.

Down to one 1992 Upper Deck Dodger need. It is now on the Nebulous 9. ... Great card.

I will never understand 1997 Pinnacle. This photo would have looked so much better without the gold litany of Los Angeles buzzwords trying to eat it.

Mike Piazza Stadium Club Team!!!

(Yes, that's all I can write. You know I want to be done with this).

Two guys who aren't being given much of a chance to let their abundant skills shine. One has a legitimate obstacle. The other ... I'm still looking for a reason.

Back when I was in junior high, our school produced a typical junior high newspaper. Randomly assembled, poorly written "stories" about the sports teams and the cafeteria and how Mr. Mahar cried when he couldn't get the class to quiet down.

OK, that last part didn't make it into print. A deadline decision. But the paper was your average mundaneness, mimeographed and stapled for your convenience -- but read it on your OWN time.

One story in one edition was about a bake sale. There was a quote from a student in it. The quote, bafflingly accurate in its simpleness, read thusly:

"The food was good."

This has remained in my mind all these years. Mostly because my brother couldn't stop making fun of it, but also because that's all we can hope for, right? We buy something at a bake sale and we hope it's good, because -- lord knows -- some moms can't bake at ALL.

So that's a long way for me to go to end this post on this Don Drysdale Pacific card and pronounce the package of Dodgers a sweeping success because of Drysdale here. My first thought when I saw Drysdale was "This card is great."

"This card is great."

"The food was good."

Now, go out and play.


  1. someday i wanna write my best post ever. on that day, i hope i write as well as you do when you're lazy.

  2. Gold, white and purple. Doesn't have the same ring as Red, White and Blue. The colored border parallels have kept Topps in business because so many people have to have every single variation. It's a sickness and I need a doctor.