Sunday, March 25, 2012

One-card challenge, update #2

The One-Card Challenge is still going strong and there's been a slew of requests and completions since the last update. So I'll try to get everyone as up to the minute as I can.

For those who don't know, the One-Card Challenge's purpose is for collectors to get the word out about the one card that they need to finish off a set. That set could be your average base set, or a team set or even an insert set. The collector leaves a comment on the original post (it's linked over on the sidebar), and then the collecting community goes to work.

As usual, if there is a set you completed through the OCC that isn't featured here in one of these updates, or I've mistakenly completed a set that is not finished, let me know. I'll update the update.

As far as I can tell, the number of successful OCC completions is now up to 18. With a few others in progress. And I know I'm missing some.

On with the update:

Challenge: 1995 Topps Stadium Club Hideo Nomo
Set completed by: mr. haverkamp
Challenge met by: Johngy

I thought I would be able to finish off this set for The Bench's mr. haverkamp, but I struck out. Fortunately, I was able to forward his information off to Johngy, who has been a master set-completer in the OCC arena. I'm much relieved as everyone should have a Nomo card from his rookie year.

Challenge: 1987 Donruss Will Clark
Set completed by: Matthew R
Challenge met by: Johngy

Johngy does it again! If there's ever an OCC Hall of Fame, I think he's going to have to be a first-ballot selection. I'm not sure why anyone would want a card of the annoying, self-professed "hard-to-live-with" Will Clark. But that's why they make chocolate and vanilla, like grandma used to say. This card finishes off Matt's '87 Donruss Giants collection.

Challenge: 1991 Leaf Roberto Kelly, 1991 Upper Deck checklist, 1990 Donruss Bonus MVPs Carlton Fisk
Sets completed by: Bo
Challenges met by: Captain Canuck and Condition Sensitive

I don't know who completed which sets, so I lumped them all together. I don't know how many sets Bo has completed since the start of OCC. Four or five maybe? His collecting habits are perfect for this project.

Challenge: 1988 Score Highlights Mark McGwire
Set completed by: Jeff
Challenge met by: hiflew

And another '88 Score goes from the monster dupes pile to a collector who actually needs it.

Challenge: 2009 Allen & Ginter Tim Lincecum
Set completed by: arpsmith
Challenge met by: Jeff Wilk

Jeff's got a new blog, and I'm glad to see he's jumping right in with the OCC. I'm not crazy about this card -- not only because of the subject (Kershaw would wipe up the floor with girly boy, ESPN), but because Lincecum blends right into the crowd. He's hard to see.

Anyway, arpsmith, you can also plan on seeing this card when I send you my next card package:

It's Tiny Tim!

Challenge: 2007 Upper Deck Derrek Lee (#611)
Set completed by: The Baseball Card Snob
Challenge met by: arpsmith

Arpsmith returns the favor with this Lee card, which is one of two Lee cards in 2007 Upper Deck. That makes things a little confusing, but not as confusing as it can be, as you'll see in a moment.

Challenge: 2011 Topps Update Matt Holliday, home run derby
Set completed by: piratesfan731
Challenge met by: Night Owl

Wooooooooooooooooooooo! This is my second OCC success, I believe. I was more than happy to rid myself of this card. It has three strikes against it: 1) no cap; 2) bald head; 3) home run derby. Hell, let's throw in No. 4) stupid All-Star practice jerseys. Good riddance.

OK, moving on to OCC's that I believe are in the process of being met:

Challenge: 1983 Topps Whitey Herzog
Set in process of completion by: Matt
Challenge in process of being met by: Johngy

Another success on the way for Johngy! I like this card. And it's not only because I chose it as proof that Herzog should play Hannibal in the all-baseball version of The A-Team.

Challenge: 2011 Topps Albert Pujols
Set in process of completion by: Ryan's Pitch
Challenge in process of being met by: Night Owl

Something tells me Ryan might have this card already. But if he doesn't, he can expect it when I get that package ready for him, featuring (*gasp*) a couple of 1991 Fleer cards.

Challenge: 2011 Topps Dayan Viciedo (#592)
Request: Fantastic Catch

Again, I gots this card. But if someone can get it to F.C. quicker, then I can continue being lazy.

Challenge: 1984 Fleer Tom Niedenfuer
Set in process of completion by: gcrl
Challenge in process of being met by: Night Owl

Perhaps I shouldn't be so hasty. I THINK I have this card in my vast box of Dodger dupes. But I need to look first. Again, if you want to jump in, I won't mind.

OK, now for some OCC requests that haven't been met yet, at least to my knowledge:

Challenge: 1976 Topps Jerry Remy
OCC request: The Angels, In Order

Challenge: 1973 Topps Rookie Pitchers (Freeman, Hough, Webb)
OCC request: slangon

I have both the Remy card and the Rookie Pitchers card. Unfortunately, I can't break up sets, so the plea goes out to someone else!

Challenge: 2007 Topps Michael Barrett (#492)
OCC request: 100 Years and Counting

This one kills me. Apparently I was under a rock in 2007, but there are two Michael Barrett cards in the 2007 set, BOTH IDENTICAL. One is #68 and one is #492. I thought I had the card for 100 Years, but it turns out that it's #68. Not that it really matters since we shouldn't acknowledge Topps' poor quality control. But we collectors are a strange breed.

Challenge: 2008 Upper Deck X (Derrek Lee diecut, Grady Sizemore X-2, Manny Ramirez X-3)
Request: Mad Guru

Kudos to Mad Guru for taking on a much-derided set, '08 UD X. Not as bad a set as everyone first thought (including me). The inserts, especially, are nice.

Challenge: 2011 Topps Chrome Brandon Beachy
Request: Kyle4KC

As someone who is still working on the 2009 Topps Chrome set, it would do my heart good to see Kyle finish off this set.

Challenge: 1992 Donruss Coca-Cola Nolan Ryan set (#24)
Request: Anthony Hughes

Get Anthony his card! He drank a lot of Coke for those!

OK, I think I'm finished now. That's not all of the requests that are still floating out there. I think Spiegel still needs his #18 Ascent of Man A&G card, and arpsmith his 2004 Cracker Jack Jerome Williams, and a bunch of others. (By the way, did Stealing Home ever get that 1976 Rogers Hornsby from GCA?)

But you can go through the OCC post just as well as I can. I just thought some pretty pictures my spur some people into action.

As always, thanks for playing.


  1. This is the perfect place to acknowledge again collector Ed Schott who provided me the final card of my Topps '59 set Ted Kazanski? Thanks again, Ed!

  2. I have the 2011 Topps Dayan Viciedo for Fantastic Catch

  3. I sent Hornsby a while ago. Hope he got there...