Sunday, March 4, 2012

X marks the spot

I refuse to be bored by what is or isn't on the card shelves. Most of the time I can find something that interests me, even when there hasn't been any new cards for (gasp!) one whole month! But even when I can't, there are cards to buy online or a collection to go through. There are so many cards in my collection that I haven't said hello to for months. I like to stop by and visit periodically.

But on this particular Friday I was out, scanning the Target shelves and -- yay! -- I found discounted baseball packs. I love those. And it's been so long.

I shoved aside the 2010 Topps, contemplated the 2006 Topps rack pack with three vintage cards (it was these very packs that got be back into modern collecting, but I have a monster box of '06 to remind of that fact every day), and finally settled on a pack of '08 Documentary and a pack of '09 Upper Deck X.

I pulled one Dodger card out of Documentary that I needed (Game 78), so it was well worth the $1.59 spent (stop snickering). Then I moved on to the X.

I like 2009 X much better than 2008 X. And I like it better and better the further we venture into Monopolyland. It's just shiny and different. Not necessarily good. Just different. And sometimes different is all you need. And, yes, I swear I'm still talking about cards.

So here is a pack break of 3-year-old X. Because you know if I'm doing this, there's something semi-decent inside.

#34 - Carlos Guillen, Tigers

He's a Mariner now, right? My spring training doesn't start for another couple weeks. Don't know who is where.

#38 - Lance Berkman, Astros

Two teams ago. Back when I didn't care what he did. But I've been rooting against him an awful lot lately.

#61 - Joba Chamberlain, Yankees, diecut

I swear they produce diecuts of Yankees in greater numbers than any other team in this product. I'm not lying when I say about 80 percent of the diecuts I've pulled from X have been Yankees. Not that I've bought much of this stuff.

#X-JS Johan Santana, Mets, Xponential

Shiiinnnyyyy-yyyyeeehaaawwww! This will be going to jacobmrley if he doesn't have it already.

#24 - Edinson Volquez, Reds, autograph

Well, this is a first! Pulling an autograph card out of a discounted product.

Sure, Volquez has fallen on hard times. He is a Padre now, you know. But it is so rare that I pull autographs from packs, especially autographs that look like they were signed by an 85-year-old man. I am most pleased with this stickerererered auto. Perhaps it can yield me a Dodger of some note.

I think this is why I gravitate toward discounted packs, even though the discount is only $1.40 or so. Pulling something like an autograph out of a pack that was so poorly regarded that it was marked down (and we all know how reluctant my Target is to mark down card product) feels like I have beaten the system. I don't know if that's actually true. After all, I AM still buying 3-year-old X. But I beat somebody, dammit. I stuck it to whoever! In your face, some guy! IN YOUR FACE!

Yay me.

Well, that was a nice little pack. Not boring at all. In fact, kind of excit ...

Oh, right ...

#54 - Jose Reyes, Mets

I forgot there was another card.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


  1. Great pull ! It really does make you feel good when something like that happens.

  2. Ha! Bought two of these today myself. And one of the 2006 Topps rack packs.

  3. I wonder if 2009 UD X only had Edinson autos. ;) Two hobby boxes I opened, one had a jersey card and one had the Volquez auto (just like yours).

  4. At least I didn't have to buy a hobby box to get it. :)