Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Opening Day ... because there was no Heritage

Baseball cards will get me to Target or Walmart under only three circumstances.

1. The first cards of the year have arrived.
2. Heritage has arrived.
3. Allen & Ginter has arrived.

That's it. For purchases of any other baseball card product, I am in the store already, either buying something else or being dragged through it by significant others.

But today, for some stupid reason, I went to Target/Walmart because I thought there might be some 2012 Heritage there. I knew very well there wouldn't. This is the first week that Heritage hit select store shelves but my area of residence is never a "select area."

So, there I was, in the card aisle that I shouldn't have been in in the first place, ready to spend money.

I spied one lonely blaster of 2012 Opening Day. Unlike last year -- when OD featured those cool Stadium Lights cards and I actually had a reason to buy it -- there is no reason for me to buy OD. But the blaster was only $10.48 and I can't resist blasters that aren't $19.98. So, I bought it.

Opening Day is always much cheaper than Topps flagship and I don't know why. Is foil really worth $9.50 extra per blaster? I suppose it's the fact that there are more cards in the base Topps set. More inserts, too. Please don't tell me it's entirely because of foil stamping.

Anyway, I'm going to list the cards that I pulled out of the one-and-only OD blaster I'll buy this year. I won't show many of the cards, because most are images we've seen in Series 1 already. But if there is a card that hasn't been in Series 1 and you'd like to see the image, let me know, and I'll update this post when I get a chance.

The blaster wasn't a total bust, as you'll see. But the complete lack of Dodgers made me ill.

Here we go:


176 - Geovany Soto, Cubs

Love the non-foil

110 - Scott Rolen, Reds
164 - Nyjer Morgan, Brewers

FS-3 - Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox, Fantasy Squad

Here is one of the inserts. As you can see, even Opening Day can't go entirely without foil.

66 - Adam Jones, Orioles
91 - Jayson Werth, Nationals
144 - Andrew McCutchen, Pirates


139 - Trevor Cahill, Diamondbacks (photoshopped)
43 - Angel Pagan, Giants (photoshopped)

49 - Melky Cabrera, Giants (photoshopped)

It's a photoshop trifecta!

ES-16 - Joey Votto, Reds, Elite Skills Player

You can't read the foil that runs up the left side. It says "On-Deck Preperation." Each of these Elite Skills inserts has a phrase describing some aspect of the game. It's actually a nice-looking insert set.

174 - Brian McCann, Braves
96 - Chris Carpenter, Cardinals

16 - Torii Hunter, Angels

2012 Topps stickers ad


94 - Doug Fister, Tigers
97 - David Price, Rays
124 - Grady Sizemore, Indians

SC-3 Dan Uggla, Braves, Superstar Celebrations

9 - Chris Young, Diamondbacks
145 - CC Sabathia, Yankees
39 - Michael Cuddyer, Rockies (photoshopped -- not too bad)


131 - Scott Baker, Twins
152 - Neil Walker, Pirates

179 - Zack Greinke, Brewers, blue parallel (I just saw another blogger pull this very same card)

M-20 - Swinging Friar mascot, Padres

He looks like a member of the Flinstones.

149 - Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox
142 - Tommy Hanson, Braves
69 - Tim Lincecum, Giants


127 - J.P. Arencibia, Blue Jays
48 - Adrian Beltre, Rangers

FS-4 - Robinson Cano, Yankees, Fantasy Squad

ODS-5 - Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies, Opening Day Stars

This will be headed to hiflew.

162 - Ricky Romero, Blue Jays
63 - Pablo Sandoval, Giants
64 - Dan Haren, Angels


125 - Matt Cain, Giants
13 - Bobby Abreu, Angels
210 - Freddie Freeman, Braves

ES-17 - Joe Mauer, Twins, Elite Skills Player (title says "Throw Out the Runner")

206 - David Freese, Cardinals
62 - Ervin Santana, Angels
60 - Adam Wainwright, Cardinals


133 - Sergio Santos, Blue Jays
119 - Ricky Nolasco, Marlins
25 - Eric Hosmer, Blue Jays Royals

SC-4 Geovanny Soto, Cubs, Superstar Celebrations

151 - Johnny Cueto, Reds
27 - Chase Utley, Phillies
No number - Carlos Lee, Astros (the card has no number on the back at all. Just a blank black space where the number should be)


216 - Jason Kipnis, Indians
86 - Jon Lester, Red Sox
71 - Ian Kennedy, Diamondbacks

M-21 - White Sox mascot

The White Sox's mascot is named "Southpaw," yet there is no reference to the name on the front and the write-up on the back is very vague.

How can you not get the rights to a mascot's name?

ODA-AE Alcides Escobar, Royals, autograph

An autograph out of Opening Day? First, one out of a discounted pack and then one out of Opening Day. I have no right to be proud of myself, but I am.

58 - Justin Masterson, Indians
31 - Evan Longoria, Rays

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170 - Brian Wilson, Giants
150 - Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
24 - Brandon Morrow, Blue Jays

FS-5 - Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox, Fantasy Squad

188 - Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks
34 - James McDonald, Pirates
212 - Daniel Hudson, Diamondbacks


136 - Justin Morneau, Twins
89 - Drew Pomeranz, Rockies

#108 - Roy Oswalt, Phillies, blue parallel

ES-18 - Mark Teixeira, Yankees, Elite Skills Player (Title says "Hold the Runner")

There are two current players that when I pull their card I want to get it out of the house as quick as possible. One is Brian Wilson, the other is Teixeira. Lucky me, I got both in this blaster.

93 - Tim Hudson, Braves
18 - David Ortiz, Red Sox
15 - Jeremy Hellickson, Rays


79 - Hanley Ramirez, Marlins
32 - Anibal Sanchez, Marlins
6 - Bud Norris, Astros

SC-5 - Joey Votto, Reds, Superstar Celebrations

103 - Mike Leake, Reds
61 - C.J. Wilson, Angels (photoshopped)
26 - Drew Stubbs, Reds

And that's the end.

Three Reds in the last pack and no Dodgers.
Two Joey Vottos and two Geovanny Sotos and no Dodgers.
Four Diamondbacks and no Dodgers.

This is why I'm buying less and less at the store.

Can't beat the thrill of pulling a surprise auto, though.

Like always, any and all Opening Day cards are up for trade. I just can't get that interested in this set.

Now, if Opening Day came out before Topps base, we might have something there.


  1. You pulled practically half the Angels team set. I'd be interested in trading for those.

    I wish Topps would change the opening day logo. It always seems to be in the way, the font is too small, and it's just a plain ol distraction.

  2. Wow, an Opening Day auto. what's the odds on the back of the pack for that one? I pulled an auto from a 2010 OD blaster and the odds were something ridiculous like 1:736 or something.

  3. I agree with Angels in Order - the OD logo is annoying. But - this makes me wish they didn't put the foil onto the regular Topps cards. It's so nice to see the last name on blog scans!


  4. Don't get TOO proud of yourself. I mean, they have to put those auto stickers SOMEWHERE, right? :P

  5. I was going to comment on getting almost the entire Angels rotation, but AIO beat me to it.

    And if you get 5 Angels, that's got to be a winner.

  6. Opening Day is the one set where photoshopping does not bother me in the least. The point of the set (at least to my understanding) is to show the players that will be there Opening Day. For that you need to put them in their new team's uniforms and shopping is better than portraits because at least you get action. The flagship set to me should be a look back, while OD should be a look forward.

  7. So...Joey Votto's "Elite Skill" is his on-deck preparation? I bet if anyone knew that was worth bragging rights, there'd be 50 guys with better routines. I smell an Olympic event.

  8. Pack wrapper odds of pulling an Opening Day auto are listed as 1:568. Not bad.

    Angels in Order: I emailed you. My habit of pulling Angles nonstop has returned.

  9. with the amount of Braves you pulled, that was a winning blaster even without the auto.

  10. Man you got my blaster. 2 Red Sox inserts and 2 base cards...

  11. what is higher odds - No Dodgers or Pulling an auto????

    I pulled the Greinke Blue Parallel - maybe we should try and get the other 2010 of them.

  12. That Hunter card with Conger behind him is great, as well as the Friar. Maybe I will buy a blaster of these just for the heck of it.

  13. I picked up a blaster of this on Wednesday and had kind of the same experience. 77 cards, not one Cub. I pulled 205 Chad Billingsley, 100 Matt Kemp, & Fantasy Squad Matt Kemp. Want to trade for the Cubs you pulled?

  14. What can I trade you for the Tex and Cano?

    I also agree about the lack of foil. Makes the card much nicer looking.

  15. I hope Eric Hosmer isn't on the Blue Jays now... :-)

    Very nice Escobar...he's our UZR king.

  16. Well you picked a great blaster for it to be your one and only.