Monday, March 26, 2012

It's not all fool's gold

Topps' overdose on the gold theme this year has led to a pile of pointless, unattractive and repetitive inserts. I'd have to take a closer look at the inserts offered in 2008, but I think this might be the worst insert class since 2007.

But there is one insert with which Topps really did strike gold.

These things are phenomenal.

The Gold Rush cards are available through a redemption-type deal. If you bought so many hobby packs and sent back the garbage, they'd send you these cards. Something like that anyway. I don't have the time to pay attention and my hobby shop isn't convenient.

Fortunately, other bloggers don't have such problems and did obtain these cards. I was able to land all four of the Dodgers from Community Gum. And, once again, they are super-cool (both the cards and CG).

Even the backs are cool. I love the Old West Gold Rush theme. Well-executed.

The cards are thinner than I thought they would be, about the thickness of an average modern card, but more sturdy.

The fronts of the cards have a gold-plated feel and sheen. They give off a nice shine when you move them around.

As someone with very limited access to cards that are only available through hobby stores, I am endlessly grateful for the internet and the blogging community. I have been able to obtain many cards that would have been outside of my reach -- or never even a thought -- just a few years ago.

Thanks again.

And thanks to Topps for a golden idea. I knew you had at least one in ya.


  1. I keep wanting to pounce on the Mauer, but I have trouble convincing myself to pay more than a $1 for one measly insert card.

  2. I got the Koufax. Amazingly there are no Orioles! ;-0

  3. Those things are sharp. I'm in the process of finishing up the Rangers thanks to those CG Boys!